How To Get A Refund From Delta Airlines

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The NO.1 Hack To Get Money Back From Delta Airlines

Delta Air Lines is the world’s most profitable airline and is known for being one of the safest and most reliable airlines in the United States. The airline flies to over 250 destinations and an impressive 50 countries around the world. This company was founded in 1925 and began to book flights as early as 1929. Purchasing flight tickets, however, isn’t cheap, and if you’re in need of a refund, you’re likely looking to find the fastest way to return the tickets and get your money back. We at can help!

Can You Get A Refund On Delta Tickets?

Delta has what is called the “24-Hour Risk-Free Cancellation”. Customers that purchase tickets on or on the Fly Delta App have 24 hours to cancel their tickets to be eligible for a full refund. So if you purchased your tickets this morning at 11:00 AM, you have until 11:00 AM tomorrow to cancel them to get your money back. Additionally, customers that get their flights canceled by Delta or delayed by over 3 hours have opportunities to get refunds if the flights can’t be rescheduled.

How Do I Cancel My Delta Tickets?

Before thinking about a refund, you should focus on canceling your Delta tickets first, which is very easy to do.

  1. Log into your account at
  2. Click on “My Trips”.
  3. Locate the flight you just booked and click on “Need To Cancel?”
  4. Follow the prompts to officially cancel your flight.

Alternatively, you can call 800–847–0578 to get your flight canceled or visit your nearest Delta Ticket Office Location. However, logging into your Delta account online will be the fastest way to cancel your ticket before the 24 hours are up.

Where Can I Request To Refund My Delta Tickets?

After you cancel your Delta tickets in time, you can get a refund on them. Delta mentions no timetable or deadline on refund requests. With that said, you will still need to reach out to Delta in order to get a refund. Delta allows customers to request a refund for tickets in one of several different ways. Most of these methods can be done from anywhere you have access to the internet so you can take advantage of Delta’s 24-hour cancellation window as soon as possible.

Here are all the ways you can cancel your flight and request a refund:

  • Help Center - Visit this page and click the red “Message Us” button to open the Delta virtual assistant. Ask to talk to a representative or say you’d like a refund to get started.
  • Phone - Call 1-800-221-1212 to be placed in a queue to speak with a representative.
  • In-person - Visit your nearest Delta Ticket Office Location to speak with an official.

What Tickets Are Delta Unable To Refund?

There are many scenarios that Delta isn’t able to offer you a full refund on tickets. These are tickets that:

  • Have been booked for over 24 hours.
  • Are for non-refundable “final sale” flights.
  • Are from third-party ticket sites or travel agents.

Basically, the only tickets that are eligible for a refund by Delta are tickets for flights that haven’t been discounted due to last-minute availability, and have been ordered right on Delta’s own website or app within the past 24 hours.

What Can Delta Offer Me Aside From A Refund?

If Delta isn’t able to refund your ticket, due to it being past the cancellation deadline, you can decide to convert your ticket into an eCredit. This eCredit can be used to purchase plane tickets in the future. If you’re planning on flying again in the future, you can use this to pay for your tickets, with the only fees you have to pay are the differences in price. For example, if you cancel $500 tickets, and you purchase $700 tickets in the future, you’ll use the eCredit and you’ll only need to pay $200.

If you cancel tickets for non-refundable flights, a cancellation fee will be implemented that’s worth up to $400. If you choose to reschedule a flight that’s non-refundable, you’ll get an eCredit but also the cancellation fee will apply to the costs of your new flight.

Getting A Delta Refund In 4 Easy Steps

If you’re not able to get a refund from Delta, can give you another chance to get your money back without racking up any horrible cancellation fees. We work with your bank to help sort out your transaction so they can put that money back into your account.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for an account on our website or smartphone app.
  2. Tell us what your situation is and why you feel you deserve a refund.
  3. Review the draft letter written by our unprecedented AI, along with the chargeback code that your bank will consider.
  4. Wait to receive an email from your bank regarding its decision.

Just write one message and we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you to get the best odds possible for a refund! Delta also won’t intervene if your bank decides to award you the chargeback.

List Of Delta’s Competitors

If your relationship has soured with Delta over your cancellation and refund issues, there are dozens of other Airlines in the US to consider. Each of them vary by fleet size, number of destinations, and most importantly, quality of service and reliability.

Here are some of the biggest Delta alternatives to consider:

AirlineNumber of DestinationsNumber of Countries
American Airlines26950
United Airlines33280 global destinations
Turkish Airlines340123
China Eastern Airlines22070 global destinations
China Southern Airlines20934
Air France20389
Air China20134

What If I Have A Paper Delta Ticket?

All of Delta’s tickets are digital or electronic tickets, due to how easy they are to transfer when customers want to cancel their flights. If you have a “paper ticket”, the ticket is either fake, or it was a downloaded and printed version of a digital ticket, which customers can alternatively present to check in before their flight. That being said, when you cancel your ticket online, the digital ticket will be removed from your account, and you don’t need to return any paper copies of the ticket. Just discard any invalid paper copies.

How Long Does It Take To Receive My Delta Refund?

According to Delta’s Customer Commitment page refunds involving a bank account or credit card will be returned within 7 business days. If you’ve paid for the tickets with cash or a check, it will take up to 20 business days and will be delivered to your address in check form. Is Your Plan B works with hundreds of banks to help refund transactions centered around plane tickets, subscription services, dating apps, and much more. No matter how big the company is, we’ll always give you a “plan B” when it comes to refunds.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are Delta’s Customer Service Hours?

Delta Air Lines Customer Service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 800-221-1212 or visit this page anytime you need assistance.

How Do I Check My Delta Refund Status?

If you’ve already requested a Delta Air Lines ticket refund, you can visit this link to look up your transaction. You can also call 800-241-4141.

Can I Get A Delta Refund If I Paid For Tickets From A Third-Party Site?

Delta Air Lines isn’t associated with any external travel booking site like or travel agent. If you would like a refund for tickets from an external source, contact this source and consider its refund policies.

How Long Do I Have To Get A Delta Refund For Flight In The Next 6 Months?

Regardless of the time of each flight, Delta only allows refunds for tickets that were only booked within the first 24 hours. Tickets that were purchased any time between the 25th hour and the hour before flight time can be canceled and converted into eCredit that you can use towards the purchase of another flight.

Can Delta eCredit Be Redeemed For Cash?

According to Delta’s website, eCredit can only be used for tickets, fares, and government-imposed taxes. eCredit can’t be exchanged or redeemed for cash.