How To Get A Refund From Venmo

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Get Your Money Back From Venmo The Stress-Free Way

Venmo acts as a convenient financial companion for customers and merchants, or even friends or relatives, to send and receive money. Whether you want to pay your friend for a ticket to a sporting event or want an easy way to receive billing payments, Venmo makes it faster and easier than wire transfers. After the rise of PayPal, Venmo has been a viable alternative many users consider.

But if something’s wrong with a Venmo payment, you’re likely wondering what Venmo can do in sticky situations. Here’s our comprehensive guide to Venmo refunds and other things to know about the company.

Does Venmo Allow Refunds?

It’s possible to get refunds from Venmo, but for the transaction to be refund-eligible, you will need to label the transaction as a “purchase”. Purchase transactions means you’re paying for goods and services, and if you request a refund from Venmo, they’ll help you try to get one. If you didn’t label the transaction as a purchase, Venmo can’t refund you. The other type of transaction is a “friends and family” transaction.

With “friends and family” transactions, you’ll have to contact the other party to get a refund. When you ask the other party, they will need to grant the refund and will be responsible for sending the money back to your wallet. If the person you sent money to is someone you can trust and have frequent communication with, then you shouldn’t worry about getting the money back.

Can I Change A Transaction Type In Venmo?

Because transactions happen instantly on Venmo, there’s no way to change a transaction type to a “purchase” if the transaction was already made. You will need to contact the recipient of your money if you want to ask for that money back.

Does Venmo Do Anything About Scams?

While Venmo typically doesn’t get involved in transactions involving friends and family, they will step in and refund users if they’ve been subject to fraudulent charges or scams. If you suspect you’ve been tricked by a recipient, Venmo encourages you to contact the customer service team.

Here are some types of scams that Venmo identifies:

  • Venmo or Venmo customer service impersonators
  • Friend or family member impersonators
  • Fake rewards or prize offers
  • Offers to make money quickly
  • Romance scams
  • Paper check scams

About Venmo Customer Service

Venmo is open to answer customer phone calls at (855) 812-4430. You can call between the hours of 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM CST, 7 days a week. When you call, you may be put on hold before you speak to a representative.

Here are all the ways in which you can contact Venmo’s customer support team.

Contact MethodHow To ContactHours Of Operation
Phone(855) 812-44308 AM to 8 PM CST
ChatOpen the Venmo Mobile App8 AM to 10 PM CST
Contact Form

While Venmo is also active on other social media platforms such as Instagram and Tiktok, they only seem to encourage assisting users on X at this time.

What’s The Fastest Way To Contact Venmo?

The quickest way to get your situation sorted out is to call Venmo or chat live with the company’s customer support. While you might need to wait to be taken care of, your needs will be addressed as soon as you’re in touch with somebody rather than having an email left in the customer service inbox for 1 to 2 days.

How To Tell If A Person Contacting Me Is A Venmo Scammer

If you’re being contacted by someone that has a deal for you on Venmo, but you feel unsure about an email you’ve received, here’s what you can do to tell for certain that the person is a scammer.

  • Read the message over and look for generic or impersonal language in the email.
  • Look at the email sender’s email address. If it’s not from a Venmo domain but rather a Gmail domain, it’s certainly a scammer.
  • If you see links that look fake, don’t click on them. If you’re not sure, hover over them to reveal if there’s a legitimate web address.
  • If the email raises urgency for you to go to a website or send money, don’t do anything.

If you can tell that the Venmo email is a scam, don’t reply to the message. Instead, forward the message to After you do that, delete the scammer’s message and block their email address.

Check your Venmo account to make sure your balance is accurate and nothing is wrong with your activity.

How To Get A Refund From Venmo Using

If Venmo won’t act to give you a refund, your next option can be! With, we’ll write a letter to your bank rather than to Venmo or your money recipient to perform a chargeback.

Here’s what members must do to request a refund:

  1. Get registered for an account.
  2. Tell us your story with your Venmo account. Explain what happened and why you demand a refund.
  3. Read our professionally written letter to your bank with the most appropriate reason code so the refund can happen.
  4. Stand by as we send the letter to your bank where a specialist will review it.

We help increase the odds of getting bank chargebacks! If your bank approves your refund request, expect the funds to return to your bank account in up to 5 business days.

Is Venmo A Shady Company?

If you prefer to use PayPal to manage quick and easy transactions, it can be easy to be unwilling to try another company that might not be as secure or reliable. In fact, PayPal happened to acquire Venmo in 2013 when PayPal bought out Venmo’s parent company Braintree.

Rest assured, Venmo works very similar to PayPal, and if you want to transfer money between your PayPal and Venmo accounts, there’s a simple way to do just that.

Make Your Refund Companion can help make impossible refunds possible with bank chargebacks from any company or merchant! Whether dealing with sellers on Ticketmaster, Venmo, eBay, or another site, we’ll work with you to get your bank to approve a refund when other companies drop the ball.

Keep in your back pocket for the next time you need your money back in a flash.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Venmo a Reputable Company?

Venmo is currently rated C by the Better Business Bureau. In the past 3 years, the company addressed nearly 4,800 complaints. A majority of these complaints involve suspended accounts and frozen payments.

How Do I Chat With Venmo About A Refund?

To chat with a Venmo representative live, download the Venmo mobile app and log in with your account. You can navigate to options that will allow you to start a chat with Venmo’s customer service.

Do I Pay Extra For Venmo Purchases?

If transactions are identified as purchases, the seller will have to pay a fee that’s based on the costs of the transaction. Be wary of sellers who contact you to not label a transaction as a purchase in order to avoid this fee.

How Do I Transfer Money From Venmo To PayPal?

To send money to PayPal, log into your Venmo account or go to the Venmo mobile app on your smart device. Tap on the gear icon to open the settings, then tap on “Send Money To PayPal”. From there, you should be able to link your PayPal account with your Venmo account and decide how much money to transfer to your account when ready.

How Do Venmo Transactions Appear On My Bank Statement?

Venmo transactions depend on the seller’s data and credentials. Not only will you be able to easily see where Venmo is mentioned in your bank statements, but you’ll also know who received or sent payments by also identifying the person’s username, personal notes, emojis, and more.