How To Get A Refund From Eventbrite

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How To Get Eventbrite Refunds From Any Event

Every year, millions of events such as concerts, seminars, and retreats have used Eventbrite as a means to sell tickets online to local consumers. Founded in 2006, the company has enjoyed tremendous success thanks to capabilities in sharing events through social media.

If you’re unsatisfied with an event managed by an organizer that used Eventbrite, we got you covered! Let us at show you everything you need to know about Eventbrite refunds, requests, and more regarding local events.

Can You Get An Eventbrite Refund?

The short answer is yes. If you’re unhappy about your experience at an event coordinated by Eventbrite, you can ask for a refund, and the opportunity is there for the refund to be granted.

In most cases, a refund should be easy, but in other cases, Eventbrite or the Eventbrite organizer may not be so generous.

About Eventbrite’s Refund Policy

Eventbrite allows event organizers to create their own refund policies, though Eventbrite themselves can get involved with assistance on refunds.

Refunds can be made in one of three ways. The easiest way to request a refund is to log in to Eventbrite, then go to the “Tickets” menu and find “Request A Refund”. The other two ways you can request a refund are to contact Eventbrite’s Help Center or communicate with the organizer directly. Regardless, all three methods should allow you to explain why you would like a refund if you’re unsatisfied with the event or why you can’t attend.

How Do I Contact Eventbrite For A Refund?

Primarily, you can contact Eventbrite by logging into your account and creating a request with their Email Support. If you don’t wish to write an email, you can fortunately reach out to the company by various other means, according to LiveAgent’s Help Desk Contacts page. This page contains a phone number in addition to links to their social media accounts that you’re free to post messages to for help.

Eventbrite Phone1-877-620-9578
Eventbrite Email Support
Eventbrite Live Chat Support
Eventbrite on X or
Eventbrite on Facebook
Eventbrite on Instagram
Eventbrite Boost

Should I Contact The Event Organizer Directly?

Eventbrite recommends you should contact them over contacting the organizer in most cases. However, if you prefer to contact the organizer, you can do so right from the Eventbrite website so you won’t have to track down a personal email address or social media page. Eventbrite has everything you need to know about writing to an organizer at this page.

Here’s a rundown of contacting an organizer on Eventbrite’s website:

  • You can contact the organizer whether or not you have a ticket.
  • You can ask the organizer a question or specifically request cancellations or refunds.
  • If you have a ticket, additional options will be available, such as how to join a webinar if the event is online-only.

Eventbrite states that organizers must respond to refund requests within five business days after they’ve been created.

Waiting For An Eventbrite Refund

If your refund is granted, it can take anywhere between 3 to 10 business days. Eventbrite should send you an email once your refund has been transferred.

If it’s been longer than ten business days, you can request a “Acquirer Reference Number” (ARN). This acts like a tracking number so your bank can check a detailed status of the refund. After you request your ARN number, an email from should contain a code of 2 letters followed by 13 numbers. This is your ARN. If you have the resources to check the refund status of the ARN, you can do so. Otherwise, you’ll need to have your bank use this number to check for you.

Can I Attend An Event Without Using Eventbrite?

In most cases, registering for an Eventbrite account is a requirement for attendees so organizers can keep track of each individual who has purchased a ticket. There are instances in which you can purchase an Eventbrite ticket without needing to use Eventbrite, but it depends on the organizer’s preferences.

Eventbrite has a tutorial for organizers for how to disable PDF tickets, meaning the event either has free admission or other means of distributing tickets.

If you’re unsure about using Eventbrite to purchase tickets, it doesn’t hurt to reach out to the organizer if possible on how to get or pay for admission with an alternative method.

How To Refund Eventbrite Tickets If You’re An Organizer

Eventbrite has a guide for how to issue refunds if you’re an event organizer. This guide can be summarized as follows:

  1. Log into your Eventbrite Organizer account.
  2. Click on “Manage my events”.
  3. Click on the event in question.
  4. Under “Manage attendees”, click on “Orders”.
  5. Click on “Actions”, followed by “Refund this order”.
  6. Enter details about the order and click “Continue”.
  7. Write an optional note to the customer in question.
  8. Confirm the refund and submit.

Refunds can either be issued in full or partially. If tickets were given for free, the “Refund this order” option will be changed to “Delete this ticket” or “Cancel this ticket”. Additionally, you can also issue batch refunds to multiple attendees if need be.

I Want To Cancel My Eventbrite Subscription

Eventbrite has outlined how to cancel subscriptions on their website. Because there isn’t a “free” version of Eventbrite organizers can use, to cancel your subscription means to cancel your account entirely, though you can always re-activate whenever you want.

You can either cancel your account by following the instructions at the link above or email

When canceling your account, you’ll typically have two options to consider:

  • “Delete my account after closing it” will erase all your personal data from the Eventbrite website once your account is closed.
  • “Send me my personal data file before you delete my account” will email you a password-protected file that contains information about your account and the events you’ve managed on the site.

Keep in mind though that Eventbrite states that you won’t get a refund from canceling a subscription.

Securing Eventbrite Refunds With

For easy and hassle-free Eventbrite refunds, turn to! can help twist an arm or two by chance that Eventbrite or a third-party organizer isn’t willing to budge on a refund. Here’s how works:

  • Tell us why you want a refund on our website.
  • We’ll write up a professional letter outlining your problems with Eventbrite.
  • We’ll add a chargeback code to make the refund more likely to be accepted.
  • The letter is sent to your bank and they’ll make a decision on whether to refund you.

It’s that easy! Contact us either from your computer and phone and avoid having to communicate with the difficult organizer or Eventbrite staff altogether. Your Ticket To Stress-Free Returns

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do Eventbrite Transactions Appear On My Bank Statement?

When an Eventbrite purchase shows up on your bank statement, it should be identified as “EB [event title] SAN FRANCISCO CA)”.

How Do I Ask For Eventbrite Refunds On Social Media?

Eventbrite is open to resolving problems attendees might have on X, Facebook, and Instagram. If you’re on one of these platforms, you can easily contact Eventbrite for help.

On X, visit and click the envelope icon next to the “Follow” button. On Facebook or Instagram, visit or and click the button that says “Message”.

How Long Does It Take To Get My Eventbrite Refund?

Normally, it takes 3 to 5 days after being approved for the refund to receive the money in your bank account. If it’s taken more than 10 days, you can request to get a “refund tracking number” that your bank can use to see where your refund is.

What Are Eventbrite’s Customer Service Hours?

Eventbrite doesn’t specify the hours in which their Help Center works. It’s assumed that you are free to contact them any time through email, their support pages, or on social media. They should get back to you whenever they are next available.

Can I Get An Eventbrite Refund Through PayPal?

If you’ve paid for an Eventbrite ticket using PayPal, you should be able to track the transaction with your PayPal account. With each transaction, you have the option to click “Report a problem” to open a case with the PayPal Resolution Center. This is not an ideal way to ask for a refund, however, as it can take a couple of weeks to come to a resolution, and the PayPal handler acts as a middleman that might not give you the outcome you’re looking for. Only get help from the PayPal Resolution Center as a last resort if Eventbrite or the organizer is unwilling to refund you.