How To Get A Refund From Party City

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The NO.1 Way To Get a Refund From Party City

Party City is a retailer that sells costumes and party supplies for birthdays, holidays, and other festive occasions. The company was founded in 1986, and to this day, earns around $2 billion per year in annual revenue. Party City is the only major dedicated party supply store in America that operates all year round.

Did party plans change? Does your costume not fit all quite right? You might be able to get refunded at Party City. Let show you all the ways you can get your money back on Party City orders and purchases.

Can I Get A Party City Refund?

Party City has issued a return policy on its website. It states that customers have 30 days to return a product and they will get all their money back into the original credit or debit card. So if you purchased balloons on June 1st, and it’s June 23rd, you have until June 30th to return the balloons and get your money back.

Customers are required to present their receipts or order confirmation emails in order to initiate the return and get their refunds. The products must also be in resellable condition, so packaging must be unopened and there should be no labels, stickers, or tags removed.

Returning Seasonal Merchandise

While customers have around a month to return generic or typical birthday merchandise, seasonal merchandise is much more strict. This is to prevent customers from buying the product, using the product once, then returning it after the occasion.

Here’s a breakdown of seasonal merchandise returns:

  • Customers only have 7 days to return seasonal merchandise.
  • The item must be unused, unopened, and in resellable condition.
  • Customer must provide their receipts or order confirmation emails to verify the transaction.
  • Customers can only receive in-store credit, and can’t get any money back for the return.

How To Return A Party City Order

Like with purchasing Party City products, you can return said products either at a physical Party City store or through the mail to a different address.

To return a product in store, simply go to the Party City store where you originally purchased the product. A salesperson should be able to assist you with your return.

To return a product through the mail, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Party City account.
  2. Start a return on this page. If you need help finding your order number, refer to either your confirmation email or paper receipt.
  3. Confirm your return.
  4. Download your printable return label.
  5. Place your product back in the box it was originally packaged in. If there were packing peanuts or filler inside, use it to line the package.
  6. Print out the label and tape it to your return package securely.
  7. Send the package to the post office.

So long as your return label has a barcode, you shouldn’t need to pay for additional postage when returning your products to Party City.

What Items Can’t I Return To Party City?

The following items sold at Party City can’t be returned for a refund:

  • Helium tanks: Helium tanks contain a gas you technically can’t return for your money back. The moment the tank is opened, helium will slowly disperse out the tank.
  • Personalized items: Items with custom printing, such as banners that display the name of your birthday boy or girl, can’t be returned for your money back. Items displaying the age number, such as numbered balloons, can be returned, though.
  • Partial party kits: If you purchased a pack of party supplies, such as ones containing balloons, plates, napkins, and other party favors, they all must be unopened, unused, and complete. If you have your party and you still have napkins left over, for instance, they can’t be returned.
  • Merchandise from Blade & Timber

When it comes to Gerson International merchandise, it can only be returned in-store. This is because this company mainly manufactures snowglobes that must be handled with excellent care, and there are many shipping and handling to take into account from customers and other logistics and delivery services.

Getting Help With gives you the best chance at getting your money back in the event Party City refuses. While you can contact your bank on your own and file for a chargeback with a bank teller, there are plenty of setbacks to expect — not mentioning the more difficult it could be for the chargeback to be successful. Here’s why you should get help from

  1. The process can only take you minutes.
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What to Do With A Party City Helium Tank You Don’t Want

Helium tanks from Party City can cost up to $65. If you no longer want or need your helium tank, there are several places you can take it:

Party CityYesWhile helium tanks are on Party City’s no-return list, the manager at your store might make an exception if the tank has never been opened and can be resold, or is defective.
Second Hand StoreYesIf the tank is reusable, a second hand store in your area might be able to give you cash for the tank.
Recycling CenterNoA local recycling center will be able to take the tank so its metal can be reused. Be sure to empty the tank of helium completely beforehand.
Trash BinNoIf you have no other alternatives, empty your helium tank and place it inside your garbage cart you wheel off to the garbageman.

To empty a helium tank completely, open the tank’s valve and then push down on its nozzle. The tank will hiss indefinitely until there’s no more helium inside. If you’re disposing or recycling the tank, poke a hole through the concave disc located on the side of the tank’s exterior. You can so this with a flathead screwdriver. Then, draw a circle around the hole and write “EMPTY” in permanent marker.

How To Contact Party City

Party City has a customer service department that’s available to answer your questions.

To call Party City customer service, dial (800) 727-8924. You can also text the customer support team at (924) 200-4600. The Party City website also have a live chat feature. Visit any page on, then click on the purple button on the bottom-right corner of the page. An AI assistant will guide you, though you can opt to wait for a human representative.

As for email, you can write to

Party City Customer Service Hours

Party City customer service is available Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM CST. On weekends, you can contact the team from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM CST. If you need general questions answered, the chatbot on the Party City website may be able to assist you at any time, day or night.

How Long Does It Typically Take To Get A Party City Refund?

If you return an item to Party City in store, you can get your money back immediately. Though for mail-in returns, Party City often needs 2 to 5 business days for refunds to appear in either your credit card or bank account. This process starts once Arty City received the returned items.

Take Action Now With allows customers the second chance at getting money back for all sorts of orders, whether you paid for subscriptions, memberships, or even party supplies and costumes. Anytime you need to request a refund, you can do so from anywhere on your phone or computer.

We’ll work with any bank to help give you peace of mind. Take a look at other companies to learn more about their complicated refund policies.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Contact Party City Customer Support On X?

Party City customer support can be found on X at To leave the team a message, send the account a direct message by clicking the envelope icon. The account won’t be able to assist you with public posts and threads.

Can I Get A Party City Refund If I Used A Coupon With My Order?

Party City will accept refunds on orders involving coupons. The catch is, that you’ll only get the money back that you paid towards the purchase. For instance, if you purchased $100 worth of merchandise, and also used a 20% off coupon, you end up paying $80. This means your refund will be $80.

What Can I Do About My Party City Refund If I Misplaced My Confirmation Email?

For online Party City orders, you can enter your order number instead or request a new confirmation email by contacting customer support. To find the order number, log into your Party City account and go to your order history.

Does Party City Have Special Return Policies For Halloween?

While Party City merchandise can be returned for up to 30 days since the purchase date, Halloween costumes and Halloween-themed supplies can only be return for up to 7 days or until October 31st — whichever comes first. This merchandise must be unopened and accompanied with a receipt. If the costume you order doesn’t fit, you can return it and get it exchanged.

What Is The Best Way To Contact Party City Customer Support?

Party City customer support have many options for contacting the team. If you want a good method to contact Party City regardless of business hours, the best way to do so is through text. Send your text message to (924) 200-4600, and a representative should get back to you shortly.