How To Get A Refund From Affirm

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All About Affirm Refunds To Get Cash Back In Your Pocket

Affirm is a fintech company that gives consumers the option to purchase goods and services using payment plans. If you’re eyeing an expensive purchase, companies like Affirm, Klarna, and Afterpay allow you to break up that purchase into four parts that you pay over a two-month period. As of 2023, Affirm has served over 266,000 merchants and 16.9 million customers.

Though if you want a refund on something you’ve paid using Affirm, what can be done, and can refunds be possible? Let us at assure you about how you can get an Affirm refund despite the complex payment system in place.

Does Affirm Allow Refunds?

For every purchase you make using Affirm, you’re bound to a loan agreement until the loan is paid off in full. Despite this, however, Affirm allows for purchases to be refunded and for money to be returned to you if the refund occurs.

The catch is that if you want to ask for a refund, you have to contact the merchant rather than Affirm. When the merchant issues the refund, then Affirm will act accordingly.

About Affirm’s Refund Policy

Affirm has outlined its refund policy on its website.

Here are Affirm’s most notable takeaways from their policy.

  • Affirm works closely with each merchant’s refund policy to determine if you are eligible for a refund.
  • Affirm can allow full or partial refunds that are determined depending on a number of different factors, such as whether you’ve already made payments towards the purchase.
  • Affirm will return money back to your bank account, card, or virtual wallet, but in some cases, they will send a check to your address.
  • Paid interest is a percentage of using Affirm and is non-refundable.

I Want To Refund One Item In A Bulk Order. Can Affirm Still Help?

If you buy multiple items online at once, and then ask for a refund on one of those items, Affirm can automatically make adjustments to your payments. Since the first payment is made automatically as you purchase the goods, Affirm will readjust the other three payments, meaning the money you owe for each will go down.

When Affirm makes changes to a loan, they will always email you and describe to you the updated payment schedule as a result.

What Are Affirm’s Biggest Flaws For Consumers?

As mentioned in the refund policy, interest rates are one of the most unappealing things about Affirm to use for consumers. A part of what you pay converts to paid interest, so you can’t get 100% of your refund back.

Interest rates can skyrocket up to over 30%. According to CNBC, this is even higher than the maximum APR on most credit cards.

And while this may not be an issue to most consumers, Affirm can send borrowers to collections if payments aren’t made for over 120 days. This means your debt will now need to go to a debt collector, who will contact you to make sure you repay.

How To Contact Affirm

There are multiple ways you can reach an Affirm representative. They are as follows:

  • Affirm’s Contact Page
  • Affirm’s Chat Page
  • Affirm’s Phone Number

To call Affirm, you can dial 855-423-3729. Representatives are free to talk every day of the week from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM.

To send a message to Affirm, visit their Help Center and look for the “Contact us” button at the bottom of the page. You’ll then proceed to write down your message which Affirm will respond to at their earliest convenience. You also have the option to chat if you’re looking to resolve your issue as soon as possible like with the phone option, though chat support is only available Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

Disputing An Affirm Loan

If you would like to dispute an Affirm loan, the company gives you the abilities to do so on their website.

If your purchase was made in the past 60 days, and the merchant refuses to grant you a refund despite what their policies state, you have a good chance to contest the loan and get awarded the refund. Here’s how to submit a dispute:

  1. Sign into your account (opening a dispute is unavailable through the Affirm app).
  2. Browse your list of loans and start a dispute for the one in question.
  3. Answer questions to build your case against the marchant. Explain as much detail as possible and upload screenshots or pictures if necessary.
  4. Click the “submit” button.

When the case is ongoing, you and the merchant have 15 days to provide supplemental evidence. After you’ve done so, a final decision can be made in another 15 days.

If Affirm gives you a favorable outcome, you get refunded, barring the interest. If Affirm gives the merchant the favorable outcome, the loan will stand.

Affirm Alternatives To Look For

If you like the concept of a portioned payment plan for buying goods, but want to use something else that isn’t Affirm, you can also try one of several competitors. Simply look for their logos on product and checkout pages before you check out to see if you can buy the product with a loan plan.

Brand NameNo. Of PaymentsPayment IncrementsInterest RateSoft Credit Check?Other Payment Options
Klarna42 weeks0%YesPay monthly, up to 6, 12, or 36 months
Afterpay42 weeks0%YesPay monthly, up to 6 or 12 months
PayPal42 weeks0%YesPay monthly, up to 6, 12, of 36 months

As you can see, Affirm competitors are very similar to one another. Though if you have a PayPal account, you can get a Pay In 4 loan every time you checkout using PayPal, and not need to create another account to do so.

I’d Like A Refund For Something I Bought With My Affirm Card

If you have an Affirm Card, it’s pretty much treated like a Visa or Mastercard. If you want a refund that involves your Affirm card, it’s most recommended that you contact the merchant.

If you suspect your card has a fraudulent charge on it, you can open a case with Affirm and start the process of having the funds returned. You can also have your card canceled and get a new card issued to you by clicking here.

How To Secure Affirm Refunds With is capable of refunding any purchase and returning your funds to your bank account. We work with you to build a strong case for your bank to give you a refund. Our tailored AI will work with you to:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I See My Affirm Payment Schedule?

If you have made a purchase with Affirm there are two ways you can check your payment schedule.

The first way is to refer to the Affirm payment’s email the moment you complete your transaction. This email will contain how much money you need to pay each payment and the dates that your card or bank account will be charged.

If you don’t have the email available, you can log into your account on the Affirm website or Affirm app. After you do this, check your payment schedule by going to the “Manage” tab, where you can look at all your active loans.

What Are Affirm Customer Service Hours?

Affirm customer service by phone is available 7 days a week from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM. Call whichever day and time works best for you so you can settle your problem in one fell swoop.

Can I Have Affirm Call Me Regarding A Refund?

Affirm has a customer support callback option, which is eligible to any caller that calls and must wait longer than 4 minutes on hold. If you opt into this feature, you can leave the phone number that you’d like your representative to call you at and hang up. The representative will call your number when he or she is ready to talk to you.

How Do Affirm Transactions Show Up On My Bank Statements?

When Affirm appears on bank statements, the transaction will be identified as “AFFIRMCARD XXXX AFFRM”.

Can I Pay Off Affirm Payments In Full?

Affirm has the option to complete your loan payments, if you prefer. When you browse your active loans on the Affirm website or app, you should find a “Pay in full” option that allows you to pay the remainder of your loan right now and complete it. This option, however, is only available when you use your bank account to draw funds for the loan.