How To Get A Refund From DoorDash

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Can You Get A Refund From DoorDash? Yes, Here's How!

Along with Uber Eats and GrubHub, DoorDash is one of America’s premiere food delivery services. Whether you want fast food burgers or fine Chinese cuisine, DoorDash can make it possible to send your order to your address. Each month, DoorDash manages over 30 million food orders from around the world.

Though if something’s wrong with your order, can DoorDash do anything about it? Does the company have a refund policy if you don’t like what was given to you? We at can help you understand the ins and outs of DoorDash refunds.

Can You Get A DoorDash Refund?

Customers who placed an order on DoorDash but would like a refund can request one. DoorDash has a “Quality Guarantee” that ensures every customer is satisfied with their food order. That means you can request a refund on the order and DoorDash will grant it to you without the restaurant’s input.

How refunds work is that Doordash will adjust the order total, and that affects how much money the restaurant receives. DoorDash will usually tell the restaurant what’s wrong with orders when orders are fully or partially refunded unless the DoorDash driver was found to have mishandled the order.

DoorDash also states that the company can refuse to honor the Quality Guarantee if the company suspects customers are cheating or abusing the system. For instance, if you requested a refund with DoorDash 5 times in the past month, that’s a cause of concern that you might be taking advantage of this policy to get meals for free. Always use the Quality Guarantee in good faith.

Reasons To Request A GrubHub Refund

There are many reasons that customers request refunds on DoorDash food orders. When requesting a refund, you won’t need to return the food back to the restaurant, as DoorDash will take your word for it.

Here are some of the reasons to request a DoorDash refund:

  • Food is cold, no heat
  • Food is burnt or charred
  • Food is uncooked or undercooked
  • Food has the wrong ingredients (ie: the customer ordered pizza and requested a buffalo chicken pizza but got a barbecue chicken pizza)
  • Food has a foreign object in it (ie: a lock of hair)
  • Food was mishandled during delivery
  • Food was late on delivery or took longer than expected for carryout

When requesting a refund, you have the opportunity to describe the problems with your order so the DoorDash specialist can better understand what is wrong with it.

About DoorDash Customer Support

DoorDash’s customer support site can be found at this link.This site allows you to get help you need on current or past orders, find resources on frequently asked questions, or chat online with a representative.

If you need help with a DoorDash order urgently, you can call (855) 831-0459. Customer service stands by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can call the number regarding any late-night orders if necessary.

How To Cancel A Current DoorDash Order

Canceling an order that’s currently underway with DoorDash is easy. Here’s how to get to your order if you closed the order confirmation tab on your browser:

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. Click on the “≡” icon.
  3. Click on “Orders”.
  4. Find your current order.
  5. Click on the red “Help” link.
  6. Click on “Cancel Order”.
  7. Follow the remaining steps and confirm.

This procedure can also be done on the DoorDash mobile app.

Depending on how far in the order process your order is, DoorDash can decide to offer a full refund, a partial refund, or no refund. A full refund is given if the order hasn’t been cooked up yet. No refund can be ordered if the order is being cooked and a delivery driver has been assigned.

Can I Reach DoorDash Support On Social Media?

Customers who prefer to write to DoorDash customer service on X, Facebook, or Instagram can easily do so. Simply choose your preferred social media platform and leave the DoorDash account a private or direct message. Within a few hours, somebody should be able to help you out.

If you leave a public comment on one of the account’s posts, a specialist will suggest you leave a private or direct message to settle the issue.

Getting A DoorDash Refund With In 4 Simple Steps

Want an easy way to get a DoorDash refund? Let lead the way! We can contact your bank and your bank teller can decide what to do about your food order. If approved, your refunds will go back into your credit card or bank account. has a fast and simple process:

  1. You sign up for an account on our mobile app or website.
  2. You tell us your experience with DoorDash and why they stepped out of line.
  3. We write up a formal letter and include a special chargeback code to make your refund possible.
  4. Your bank will review your letter and make a decision on your case.

There you have it! Nowhere in this process will DoorDash or your restaurant intervene so it’s all up to your bank to have the last word on your case.

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DashPass Vs. Uber One Vs. Grubhub Plus

Each of the leading food delivery services offers a monthly subscription so you can save money and enjoy rewards if you frequently have food orders delivered. Of course, your favorite restaurants near you may be the primary reason you’d choose one pass over the others, but here are more details about each to consider.

SubscriptionMonthly CostMinimum Order CostsAdditional Perk(s)Free Membership Offer
DoorDash DashPass$4.99$12Reduced service feesChase
Grubhub Plus$9.99$12$10 per month pickup creditAmazon Prime
Uber One$9.99$155% off Uber faresCapital One

Can I Get A Refund On DoorDash DashPass?

As stated on DoorDash’s terms and conditions, DoorDash doesn’t give customers the right to get a refund on unused DashPass subscriptions, but considers them on a case-by-case basis.

The only way to know for sure if your DashPass subscription can warrant a refund is to reach out to DoorDash customer service.

How Can I Save Money On A DoorDash Order?

It can be expensive to order meals from DoorDash. One way to save on your next DoorDash Order is by earning a credit. You can earn credit by ordering a menu item at a participating restaurant that doesn’t have a picture currently listed on the DoorDash website. DoorDash sees this as contributing to the site, and thanks you by sending you credit. The credit is automatically applied towards your next DoorDash order, allowing you to get your upcoming meal for free or at a discounted price. A credit can cover:

  • Meal orders
  • Delivery fees
  • Tips
  • Other expenses

Click here to learn more about submitting photos to DoorDash.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Alcohol Fall Under DoorDash’s Quality Guarantee?

Alcohol doesn’t fall under DoorDash’s Quality Guarantee policy. If something is wrong with the alcohol you order, it can’t be returned or refunded.

How Long Until My DoorDash Credits Expire?

After receiving a DoorDash credit, it’s good for 6 months, so you have half a year to use the credit before it disappears. The credit will automatically be added to your next order.

Can I Redeem DoorDash Credits For Cash?

DoorDash Credits are nonrefundable and can’t be redeemed for cash. Because the credits don’t have monetary value, you can’t exchange them for money, but they can be used toward your next DoorDash meal.

How Often Can I Request DoorDash Refunds?

If you need to request multiple refunds with DoorDash in a short time span, don’t worry. So long as you provide evidence of your order problems each time, the company will understand you’re acting in good faith.

Can I Still Contact The Restaurant Regarding An Order?

You can still call your local restaurant if you have a problem with your order. If you’re not tech-savvy, this is what most customers do when they want a refund. If the restaurant approves the refund, the manager will adjust the total for the order on his or her DoorDash account. DoorDash will give the restaurant that total and won’t need to do or hear about anything else.