How To Get A Refund From Dollar General

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How To Get A Refund From Dollar General

Dollar General is a convenience store famous for charging $1 prices on food, toys, household items, and more. While various factors have made items cost over $1, the chain has managed to stay competitive and relevant among supermarkets, drug stores, and other convenience stores. Each year, Dollar General makes over $35 billion in revenue.

Though if you’re looking to get your cash back on goods you bought at Dollar General, what are your options? How long do you have to make returns, if possible? Thankfully, we have these answers and many more on Read below to find out more about Dollar General’s refund policy.

Can You Get A Refund From Dollar General?

If you have purchased goods from Dollar General, you can return the item for a refund. Here are the terms you might adhere to in order for the refund to take effect:

  • For in-store items, the item must be purchased less than 30 days ago.
  • For digital products, the item must have been purchased less than 90 days ago. For instance, if you bought the item on September 1st, and it’s not November 1st, there are still 29 days to return the item, and the last day to do so would be November 30th.
  • The item must be accompanied with the in-store receipt.
  • The item must be in re-sellable condition. So that means the packaging must be unopened, with labels, stickers, and tags still attached.

Special Rules For Dollar General Return Policy

For certain items, the return and refund rules are either modified or don’t apply at all. These items are as follows:

Opened electronic items, such as DVDs and softwareExchange only
Seasonal items, such as holiday decorationsExchange only
Tobacco productsNo returns or refunds
Alcoholic productRefunds only
Working propane cylinders No returns or refunds
Defective propane cylindersExchange only
Gift cardsNo returns or refunds

Can I Return An Item To Dollar General Without A Receipt?

You can return an item to Dollar General without a receipt, though you will need to provide another form of proof of purchase to count as the receipt when you make a return.

Here are all the ways you can provide proof of purchase without the receipt:

  • Retrieve a digital receipt: Log into your account on the Dollar General app or website and navigate to “Receipts” in the main menu.
  • Create a receipt with the Dollar General Receipt Generator: Use this online tool to create another receipt in PDF or email format. You’ll need the following credentials:
    • Item name, price, and quantity
    • Register number
    • Store address
    • Date and time of the purchase
    • Possible coupons, sales, or discounts used
  • Visit the Customer Service desk at your store: Have the salesperson look up your receipt in the system by providing the date and time of purchase in addition to which register number you checked out at.

How To Return An Online Dollar General Order

If you had an item delivered to your address, but would like to return it, you’ll first need to contact Dollar General customer service. When they understand you want to return an order, a representative should email you instructions for how to ship your order back to Dollar General. Here’s how it typically works:

  1. Put the item back in the box the order came in, including all parts, accessories, and paperwork.
  2. If applicable, remove all other labels from outside of the packaging.
  3. Include a note in the box that includes the order number, billing name, and address.
  4. Print and attach the return label to the box. It’s the only label you should have on the package.
  5. Take the package to FedEx, UPS, or USPS.

You will need to pay for shipping and handling. You’ll get a refund on shipping and handling if the return is due to a manufacturing or shipping error. For example, the wrong size of clothes was shipped or a shipment of soda was damaged on the way to your address.

To monitor the package, keep the return tracking number with you.

Can I Return A Delivered Item To A Physical Dollar General Store?

If you ordered a Dollar General item online, you can’t take it to a Dollar General store. It must be mailed back to the return address provided by Dollar General customer service. The reason being is that there are differences in prices and inventory management between the online platform and physical retail space. Online orders typically come from a distribution center, whereas the nearby store is individually owned and managed. While the retail store might sell the same item you’re returning, returning an online order to a retail store would create confusion when it comes to keeping track of each item.

How To Contact Dollar General Customer Service

At the moment, Dollar General’s only method of contact is by phone. Call the customer service department at 877-463-1553. While the website does state there’s a contact form, it doesn’t work and appears to be under construction at the moment. If you want to find the phone number of your nearby Dollar General Store, refer to the Store Director. You can also look at each store’s address, business hours, and additional services the store offers.

How To Get Help With makes it quick and easy to get a chargeback in the event that Dollar General refuses to honor your refund request. Here’s how our process works:

  1. You sign up for an aRefund account.
  2. You tell us your story.
  3. We’ll write up a letter using your data.
  4. We’ll append a reason code.
  5. We’ll mail your letter to your bank.
  6. Your bank will read and review your chargeback request.

It’s really simple! You’re free to file a chargeback anywhere from either your computer or smart device.

Dollar General Rivals

Dollar General isn’t the only discount store you can come across in your area. If you’re looking to shop at a Dollar General competitor, look for either of these retailers:

Dollar Tree has been around for over 30 years, and has only raised prices to $1.25 just recently.

Family Dollar has also been a relevant name in savings, and had been bought by dollar tree in 2015. Prices for items at Dollar Tree go up to $5.

Both Dollar Tee and Family Dollar combined have over 16,000 locations across America, while Dollar General has over 19,000 locations.

Effortless Dollar General Refunds With gives you a second opinion when it comes to getting your money back from Dollar General, and many other stores and services. Simply file for a chargeback with us, and we’ll do the rest without getting Dollar General involved in any way.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Contact Dollar General On Social Media?

Dollar General will respond to customer concerns on social media. You can choose your preferred social media channel, whether it be X, Facebook, or Instagram, and leave the social media handler a question or comment.

Can I Get A Refund For A Dollar General Gift Card?

If you purchase a Dollar General gift card, it can’t be returned or redeemed for cash. You are, however, free to sell the gift card using a third-party site such as Card Cash, Raise Marketplace, or eBay. For what it’s worth if your gift card hasn’t been used since you got it a long time ago, your nearby Dollar General store might allow you to replace it with a new gift card of the same value.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Dollar General Refund?

It takes between 7 to 10 business days for your funds to return to your bank account or credit card. The explanation Dollar General gives is that this information is passed around “multiple channels”, where the data must be processed and cleared at each channel. Learn more by visiting the Dollar General Return Policy page.

Where Do I Find My Dollar General Online Order Number?

If you don’t have a receipt but need to know the order number if you’ve ordered a product online, you can refer to the confirmation email you’ve received once you made your purchase. This is a crucial step for making an online return so you can ship items back.

What Are Dollar General’s Customer Service Hours?

At this time, Dollar General doesn’t appear to have any official customer service hours posted. However, Dollar General’s customer service appears to be in business after regular store hours, so it’s likely you can call and get help at night. As you call, press 6 to speak with a customer service agent.