How To Get A Refund From Tinder

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Can You Get A Refund From Tinder? Absolutely, Here's How!

Tinder is a website and app that revolutionized the online dating scene in the 2010s. Featuring “swipe left or right” features, users can like or pass on a number of singles in a given time. Ideal for quick hookups, the website has about 75 million active users as of January 2024, with 10% of them residing in America.

Despite all the buzz around Tinder, are you looking to get your money back on a purchase or subscription? Not to worry! Let us at show you the ins and outs of a Tinder refund below.

Does Tinder Accept Refunds?

Dating websites in general are difficult to get refunds for, but Tinder will make an exception on subscriptions. You can ask for a refund if you’re not impressed with what your subscription offers, but one-time purchases are non-refundable. The content you’re not able to get a refund on include:

  • Tinder Coins
  • Super Likes
  • Profile Boosts

How Much Time Do I Have To Refund A Tinder Subscription?

According to the site’s refund policy, Tinder gives users 14 days from the subscription or renewal date to get a refund on that billing cycle. So if you have been subscribed to Tinder Gold for 4 months and 10 days, your refund would be for the 5th month and the payments for the first 4 months would stand. These terms are confusing however. While the refund policy page doesn’t mention the participating countries, the Terms of Use page states that this rule applies to users who live in European Union countries, European Economic Area countries, England, and Switzerland. In any case, you can contact Tinder for your refund and see what the specialist will say.

There are special rules and circumstances for users who live in Denmark, Korea, and other countries. Visit the Terms of Use page for more details.

Tinder Refunds From Apple And Google

If you ordered Tinder content on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, you can ask either of these two companies for a refund rather than Tinder. Both Apple and Google have refund policies separate from Tinder, and these policies will apply over Tinder’s policies.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to have the content purchased on the app storefront, so if you’ve purchased coins, boosts, super likes, or subscriptions on, there’s nothing Apple or Google can do to help.

To request a refund from Apple, here’s how:

  1. Visit Apple’s Report A Problem page.
  2. Click on "I'd like to,".
  3. Click on "Request a refund."
  4. Explain in the text box why you’re requesting a refund.
  5. Click on “Next”.
  6. Select the Tinder products or subscriptions in question. You can choose more than one purchase here.
  7. Click on “Submit”.

Here’s what you’ll need to do for a refund from Google:

  1. Visit Google Play’s Refund Request page.
  2. Click on “Continue”.
  3. Verify your Google account to log in.
  4. Browse through your Google Play purchases.
  5. Find the items you want to return and click on “Refund”.

If you get approved for a refund, Apple will process your money in 1 to 2 business days. It may take up to 4 days for Google to do the same.’s 4-Step Refund Process

Want an easy way to get a Tinder refund? Let lead the way! We can contact your bank and they can decide what to do about your Tinder purchases. If approved, your refunds will go back into your credit card or bank account. has a fast and simple process:

  1. Sign up for an account on our website.
  2. You tell us your experience with Tinder and why they stepped out of line.
  3. We write up a professional letter and include a special reason code to make your refund possible.
  4. Your bank will review your letter and make a decision on your case.

Once you have your letter submitted, there’s not anything else you have to do! Tinder won’t be involved in communicating with your bank, nor will they interrupt the chargeback if you get approved.

Why Tinder Won’t Refund Boosts, Coins, And Likes In Most Cases

Unless applicable by deferral or local laws, Tinder doesn’t allow refunds for Profile Boosts, Super Likes, or Tinder Coins — even if you don’t redeem any of them within a pack you buy. These purchasable items don’t have any monetary value when purchased. Therefore, they can’t be redeemed for cash.

Tinder Subscription Cancellations Explained

If you’re looking to cancel your Tinder subscription, you can do so on the Tinder website. Once logged in, click your username on the upper-left corner of the screen, then click “Manage Payment Account”.

From here, you can do the following actions:

  1. Cancel your Tinder subscription
  2. Change your payment method
  3. Turn off your auto-renewal
  4. Contact Tinder customer support
  5. Change your email address

To end your subscription, you can either opt to cancel it or disable the auto-renewal, which will keep your card on file in case you want to resume the subscription at a later date.

Rundown of Tinder Subscriptions

Tinder has multiple subscription tiers, including Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, Tinder Platinum, and Tinder Select.

Subscription Tier1-Month Commitment6-Month Commitment12-Month Commitment
Tinder Plus$7.99$4.00 per month$2.67 per month
Tinder Gold$24.99$12.50 per month$8.33 per month
Tinder Platinum$49.99$29.99 per month$16.58 per month
Tinder Select$499N/AN/A

Keep in mind that subscription costs will fluctuate over time, but aren’t expected to change when you’re currently subscribed.

Does Tinder Have A Free Version?

Tinder is free for any user that registers for an account. With Tinder’s basic tier, you’re free to create and manage your profile, swipe left or right on profiles, and engage in a conversation for singles that mutually swipe right. You can also purchase bonuses such as Tinder Coins while with a free account.

Can I Get A Free Trial For A Tinder Gold Subscription?

If you use Tinder on iPhone, you can take advantage of a 3-day free trial of Tinder Gold. This will cause you to sign up for Tinder Gold with a credit card required. After the three days are up, the trial becomes a paid subscription. You can disable the auto-renewal, however, after the third day is over to avoid getting charged. Picks Up Where Corporations Leave Off

Use to start chargeback requests from all kinds of refunds! From Tinder to Ticketmaster, from American Airlines to Amazon, no company is immune to decisions made by your bank at the end of the day.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can I Reach Out To Tinder For A Refund?

To contact Tinder and request a refund, visit this link. From there, select “Help with billing and payment, followed by “I want to request a refund, and then choose “Web” or “N/A”. You’ll be required to fill out a form. When you submit this form, a Tinder specialist will get back to you through email.

Can I Call A Tinder Customer Service Phone Number?

Tinder’s customer service phone number is (214) 853-4309. When calling this number, expect to be placed on hold until the next specialist is available to speak. There are no known customer service hours available as of this writing.

What Is Tinder’s Customer Service Email Address?

Users can write to Tinder’s customer service email address at When writing to this address, state that you want a refund and explain how you paid for the subscription and other crucial details.

Is Tinder A Reputable Company?

According to, Tinder has a rating of 2 out of 5 stars after 833 reviews. The most positive reviews cite how users have managed to find true love and meet great people. The most critical reviews cite how Tinder has either banned accounts prematurely or have been unwilling to issue refunds on subscriptions. While the company claims that it’s made over “20 billion matches” to date, the experience solely depends on the service and outlook you specifically get.

What Are The Best Tinder Dating Alternatives For Cheap?

Tinder has many competitors that offer attractive subscription fees. These include Bumble, Plenty of Fish, OKCupid, Mingle2, and Hinge. We suggest taking advantage of each site’s free features and pool of local singles to determine if a paid subscription would be worthwhile.