How To Get A Refund From eharmony

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The No.1 Hack To Get Money Back From eharmony

eharmony (formerly stylized as eHarmony) is one of America’s leading dating websites for lonely singles, in direct competition with, Tinder, and many other companies. Launched all the way back in 2000, eharmony is often praised for attracting a large group of self-sufficient singles who desire serious relationships.

But if you’re not getting your money’s worth on the platform, you’re likely looking for answers on how to get an eharmony refund. With, allow us to show you the best way to get your money back with our informative guide.

Can I Get An eharmony Refund?

eharmony does allow users to receive refunds on subscriptions, but only in select U.S. states. According to their terms and conditions page, members of certain states are subject to a “3-day cancellation policy”. If you cancel your subscription within 3 days, you’ll get all your money back. If you live in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island, or Wisconsin, you have a chance to get refunded.

Compared to other websites such as Grindr and Plenty of Fish, this is a very generous clause for new members. Then again, with an extravagant $600-per-year asking price, you could imagine all the blowback the company would receive if refunds weren’t considered.

Reasons To Cancel eharmony Subscriptions

If you’re having second thoughts on canceling your eharmony subscription after you recently joined the site, here are some valid reasons other members had for exercising their right to get a refund:

  • Not enough or no singles in the user’s area
  • Features were unimpressive for the price
  • Other singles have been heckling the user
  • Other singles are attempting to scam the user
  • The user suddenly needs that money back to pay for other things

While eharmony is known for having quality candidates as members, it’s important to know that the platform is not for everybody. If you’re tight on cash at the moment or you live in a rural area, there are other ways to try finding singles online that better suit your needs.

Why Is The Refund Policy Only Valid In 11 States?

The refund policy only states that only 11 states are subject to this refund policy. While there aren’t any known reasons for this, it likely has to do with state laws and regulations that eharmony has to abide by in each state. For instance, Ohio will have laws that prevent online dating services to be non-refundable, but Pennsylvania doesn’t.

If you don’t live in any of the 11 states and still want a refund, you can still ask for one and see what happens. They might grant your refund or will deny your refund and explain why.

How Does The 3-Day Cancellation Policy Work?

For the eharmony refund to be deemed eligible, the user must cancel by midnight of the third day since the date the subscription was purchased. This agreement excludes Sundays and holidays.

So for example, if you purchased the eHarmony subscription on Monday, you have until Wednesday at midnight to cancel to still get a refund. Because the agreement excludes Sundays, there are no policies that are up on Sunday before midnight. If you subscribe on Friday, for instance, you’ll have until Monday before midnight to cancel.

How Do I Cancel My eHarmony Subscription?

There are two primary ways to cancel your eHarmony subscription. They are as follows:

Method of ContactAddress
Snail Maileharmony, Inc. ATTN: Cancellations P.O. Box 241810 Los Angeles, CA 90024 USA

If you write to eharmony by snail mail, you must also sign and date the letter and include the email address associated with your account. Should your letter take longer than 3 days to make it to eharmony, the company should still honor your refund if your date was still within the 3-day window.

About eharmony Customer Service

eharmony has a customer service team willing to answer questions and concerns from members. Click here to visit the Help Center page.

Though the company recommends emailing as the quickest way to get a refund, you can still either email customer service or call the team by phone.

eharmony customer service is available by phone at 1 (800) 204-4237. They are available from Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM PST.

If you want to email eHarmony, go to this page and click on “Contact Customer Care”. Leave them a message at any time and a specialist will respond to you through email shortly after.

How To Get A Refund With

By chance that eharmony won’t agree to refund you, your next option is to sign up at We can communicate with your bank and have them review your case for your refund without eharmony interfering. has a simple 4-step process for handling refunds:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Tell us what happened with eharmony in detail, including why you deserve a refund.
  3. Our AI bot will write up a professional letter and append the right reason code for your case.
  4. Your bank will receive the letter and review your refund case.

If your bank does approve your refund, expect your money to reappear in your bank account in between 3 or 5 business days.

Can Google or Apple Help Me Get An eharmony Refund?

If you bought a premium subscription to eharmony through the Google Play Store or App Store, you may be in luck to get a refund without having to ask eharmony. Google states that you have 7 days to request a refund in order to receive one. Apple doesn't specify how much time you have to ask for an iPhone or iPad app refund, but we can only imagine it’s just as long as Google’s.

If you subscribed to an eharmony subscription using the App Store, follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Sign in with your Apple ID.
  3. Click on “I’d like to…” then “request a refund”.
  4. State the reason you’re asking for a refund.
  5. Choose the eharmony app.
  6. Click “Submit”.

If you subscribed to an eharmony subscription using the Google Play Store, follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Click “Continue”.
  3. Verify your email address”.
  4. Choose the eharmony subscription.
  5. State the reason you’re asking for a refund.
  6. Confirm your refund request.

Can I Still Use eharmony Free?

Despite the costs for premium subscriptions, eharmony is still free to join and use. If you plan on downgrading to eharmony’s free tier, the following features will still be available to you:

  • Profile searching
  • Concise profile viewing
  • Limited number of messages
  • The Compatibility Quiz
  • Access to the eharmony app

If you’re ready to resubscribe to a premium tier again, eharmony will allow you to do so at any time.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Is eharmony on Better Business Bureau (BBB)?

eharmony has received an A- grade on the Better Business Bureau. The company has addressed over 2,000 complaints in the past 3 years. The majority of complaints have stemmed from cancellation and account issues.

How Long Does It Take To Process My eharmony Refund?

If you’re approved for a refund from eharmony, it should take up to 10 days since you received the confirmation email for the funds to return to your credit card or bank account associated with your subscription.

How Do I Cancel My eharmony Subscription?

To cancel your eharmony subscription, log into the eharmony website. From there, click on “My Settings” or “Account Settings”. You should see the option to either cancel your subscription or disable the auto-renew feature.

Can I Contact eharmony on Social Media?

eharmony is available on X, Facebook, and Instagram. While they do respond to messages, they’ll often direct you to an email address ( for you to escalate your concerns to.

Does eharmony Offer A Free Trial?

eharmony does not offer free trials at this time, but you’re welcome to register for a free account and use the website’s basic features. If you pay for a subscription and live in one of 11 select U.S. states, you can ask for a full refund before the end of the 3rd day of your subscription.