How To Get A Refund From OKCupid

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Can You Get Money Back From OKCupid? Yes, Here's How!

Going over 20 years strong, OKCupid has been one of the most popular dating platforms for locals to start relationships. Thanks to energetic user interfaces and enticing subscription plans, this site has helped tens of millions of singles find partners both in the US and abroad.

However, we can often forget to stop recurring subscriptions after finding that special someone, and this can cost us big time. Whether you’re now happily in a relationship or need a breakup with OKCupid itself, let us show you how to get back money from unused subscriptions!

Can You Get A Refund On OKCupid?

OKCupid has outlined its refund policies on its website. While OKCupid may seem like another corporate entity unwilling to part with money customers want back, there are some instances where they’re willing to oblige. But just simply asking for a refund halfway through the billing cycle is very unlikely to warrant a refund.

Viable Reasons To Cancel Your OKCupid Subscription

For most instances, OKCupid will only cancel your subscription and refund your money for the current billing cycle, and if that cycle just recently began. With that said, they will forgive users who forget to update their billing information before their subscriptions renew. Here are the top reasons OKCupid will refund users for unwanted subscriptions:

  • You haven’t used the platform in a while and just got an email that states your account was just billed again.
  • You’ve recently subscribed but aren’t satisfied with what the app and website offer.
  • A website or app bug occurred where you’ve not been able to cancel your subscription even when you’ve attempted to.
  • Somebody stole your credit card information and is using it to fund their own subscription.

How Do I Get An OKCupid Refund?

You can go to your account settings from the app or website and look for “Disable Your Account”. This will deactivate your account and will prevent you from paying for subscriptions in the future.

To ask for a refund, however. You will need to contact the company directly, as refunds are determined on a case-by-case basis, and of course, the company surely doesn’t want to give you an easy means to get your money back.

How To Contact OKCupid For A Refund

OKCupid has several lines of communication that are available to members, and each method is perfectly acceptable for asking about a refund.

Here are all the ways you can contact OKCupid’s Customer Service:

Contact FormVisit on your web browser. Enter your email address, phone number, and describe what happened for you to want to get a refund on your subscription. You can also attach a photo or screenshot for further details or proof.
EmailTo email OKCupid, write to It works similarly to the contact form, but to speed up the refund process, be sure to mention account details such as your phone number.
PhoneOKCupid’s customer service phone number is (214) 576-3272. This number is actually shared with other dating platforms that are owned by Match Group. When you call, expect to be put on hold, as you’ll be forwarded to the next available representative.

Can I Still Use OKCupid’s Free Tier After I Get A Refund?

After asking for a refund, you’re still free to use OKCupid, whether you want to use their basic services or revert back to a premium service later down the line.

Here is what all free members of OKCupid have access to:

  • Viewing profiles
  • Using basic search features
  • Seeing mutual likes
  • Sending messages to mutually-liked profiles
  • Partaking in the Match Questions compatibility test

OKCupid Alternatives To Consider

Whether you’re having bad service from OKCupid or you can’t find your soulmate, there are many other dating websites to consider. Remember that some of them are owned by the same parent company as OKCupid, that being Match Group.

PlatformDemographicPaid Tier PricingOwned by Match?
  • Weekly: $19.99
  • Monthly: $39.99
  • Quarterly: $76.99
  • Forever: $229.99
  • Monthly: $37.99
  • Quarterly: $64.99
  • Biannually: $74.94
Coffee Meets BagelAny
  • Weekly: $16.99
  • Monthly: $34.99
  • Quarterly: $74.99
  • Biannually: $119.99
Connecting SinglesAnyFreeNo
  • Biannually: $395.40
  • Annually: $550.80
  • Every two years: $861.60
  • Quarterly: $173.85
  • Biannually: $269.70
  • Annually: $383.40
  • Monthly: $14.99
  • Quarterly: $29.99
  • Monthly: $19.99
  • Quarterly: $39.99
  • Annually: $99.99
  • Monthly: $29.99
  • Quarterly: $59.99
  • Biannually: $89.99
  • Monthly: $44.99
  • Quarterly: $103.35
  • Biannually: $146.88
  • Annually: $262.08
  • Quarterly: $29.99
  • Biannually: $47.99
  • Annually: $69.99
  • Monthly: $34.96
  • Biannually: $95.76
Plenty Of FishAny
  • Quarterly: $29.99
  • Biannually: $59.99
  • Annually: $109.99
  • Quarterly: $134.85
  • Biannually: $209.70
  • Annually: $299.40
  • Monthly: $7.99
  • Biannually: $24.00
  • Annually: $32.04
  • Monthly: $29.95
  • Quarterly: $59.95
  • Biannually: $79.99
  • Annually: $119.99

While costs for many of these subscriptions are considered steep, it’s also worth noting that most of these dating sites have “free” or “basic tiers” that allow users to join with restrictions and/or limited features. Some sites also offer “premium tiers” that offer advanced features for even more than the standard tiers listed here.

How Long Do OKCupid Refunds Typically Take?

You’ll know when OKCupid will issue your refund via email. After OKCupid approves your refund, it will typically take up to a few business days for you to get money back in your bank account, card, or virtual wallet.

When Does OKCupid Deny Refunds?

OKCupid will deny refunds under the following conditions:

  • If the subscription renewal wasn’t recent and plenty of time has passed since the new billing cycle
  • If the subscription billing cycle had already lapsed; OKCupid won’t offer refunds for past cycles
  • If the subscription was purchased from the iPhone’s app store

If you purchased your subscription from the App Store, proceed to contacting Apple for your refund instead.

Issues You Might Encounter When Requesting An OKCupid Refund

If you request a refund from OKCupid on your own, there could be some problems with the refund that could cause the refund to get delayed. These problems are as follows:

  • If you prematurely remove your payment method before you have the chance to get a refund, the refund might not be possible until you add the payment method back.
  • If you write an email or use the contact form, you might provide insufficient information about your account, the reason why you want a refund, or why you feel you’re entitled to the refund.
  • If you call, you might have to wait a while on hold before you can talk to a specialist. This can be a nuisance if you’re short on time at the time you most ideally want to request the refund.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Get An OKCupid Refund Or Cancellation With PayPal?

PayPal is one of OKCupid’s payment methods for ongoing subscriptions. To cancel your subscription with PayPal, you will need to be paying for the subscription with it already.

Log in to PayPal and go to the “Activity” tab. From there, you can review all the subscriptions you currently have set up. You can cancel your OKCupid subscription right then and there without having to log into OKCupid.

With that said, this will not grant you a refund. You can technically get a refund with Paypal by opening a dispute. Open a case with the PayPal Resolution Center if you feel OKCupid has set up this subscription without your permission.

How Do I Find OKCupid On My Bank Statement?

To know which charges come from OKCupid on your bank statement, the domain name “OKCUPID.COM” should be easily noticeable.

If you’ve paid for OKCupid with your credit card, the charge will be identified as WMV*OKCUPID.COM”. If you’ve paid for OKCupid with Paypal, the text will instead be “PP Paypal OKCUPID.COM”.

What Are OKCupid’s Customer Service Hours

OKCupid doesn’t post any hours for their phone customer service. Because members have been able to get a hold of them at any time of day, they’re open to answer calls 24/7.

Who Can Help Me Get An OKCupid Refund?

Depending on what you’ve used to pay for your subscription, there are ways you can get an OKCupid refund without contacting the company directly.

If you’ve bought the subscription from the App Store, Apple will be the company you’ll have to contact regarding refunds.

If you’ve set up a subscription with PayPal, you can get them to open a dispute at the PayPal Resolution Center, though it may take a number of weeks before a PayPal handler can make a decision on the case.

Then there’s Our site promises fast communication with OKCupid and your card holder to ensure the best chance possible for securing any refund!

Why Is It Hard To Find OKCupid Matches?

Aside from efforts from OKCupid and other popular dating sites to fight bots and scammers, location is one of the primary reasons that you might find a lack of potential boyfriends or girlfriends.

New York and California are densely populated areas that are replete with singles, and this makes it much more appealing for members in and around these regions to take full advantage of these platforms.

If you live in a not-so-dense region, we suggest you try out a few different dating sites concurrently (on free tiers, of course) to scope the landscape of each, and potentially broaden your search radius to find more matches.