How To Get A Refund From Amazon

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How To Request An Amazon Refund And Get It

Amazon is an online retailer and logistics company that’s had a meteoric rise in the past two decades. What used to be the 492nd company on the Fortune 500 list in 2003 is now a solid #2 — only behind Walmart. The eCommerce juggernaut is also the parent company of brands like Twitch and Whole Foods.

But what if you want to get an Amazon refund? What are your options and what happens when you ask for your money back? We at have the answers and can provide an Amazon refund trick to boot.

Can You Get A Refund From Amazon?

If you purchase goods from Amazon’s website, you can return them and get a refund. Whether you want to return a laptop or a bottle of OTC medication, asking for refunds is easy and Amazon tries to make the return process just as simple. However, not everything Amazon sells can be returned.

About Amazon’s Refund Terms

Amazon has outlined a 30-day return policy on the company website. For most items, you have 30 days to start a return and you’ll most likely get it. You must return the item in a new-resellable condition. You can also start an Amazon return for the following reasons:

  • The item has caused you problems.
  • The item arrived damaged or broken.
  • The item is no longer needed.
  • The item wasn’t as described on the product page or website.
  • You were sent the wrong item or it came in the wrong size, color, etc.
  • The delivery was delayed or never took place.
  • Someone else purchased the item without your consent.

One important thing to note is that companies and merchants on Amazon can create their own refund policies. When this happens, Amazon abides by these policies when handling returns. This might mean the company you buy products from might offer an extended grace period or an even shorter one. Apple, for example, will offer just a 14-day grace period on products such as Macbook Pro laptops and AirPods headphones.

Use As Your Amazon Refund Trick

When Amazon avoids trying to refund you, can give you easy solutions. We’ll get with your bank to arrange a chargeback, and it could be a very easy and stress-free experience. Here’s’s 4-step process for getting refunded:

  1. Sign up for an account.
  2. Tell us what happened with you and Amazon, and why you deserve a chargeback.
  3. We’ll write up a formal letter to your bank based on the feedback you provide us and we’ll also include a crucial reason code that most relates to your problem.
  4. Your bank will receive the letter and make the last decision on your request.

It’s so simple! If you get a successful refund, Amazon won’t get involved or intervene. Refunds are processed in between 3 to 5 business days.

What Amazon Products Can’t I Return?

Amazon provides a list of non-returnable items, though some of the examples given suggest this page hasn’t been updated in a while, so these terms may be subject to change.

Among the items you can’t return through Amazon include:

  • Gift cards, such as Red Lobster or Home Depot gift cards
  • Points cards, such as Nintendo eShop or Roblox Robux cards
  • Food and grocery items, such as canned foods or bottled drinks
  • Live insects
  • Certain jewelry items
  • Certain health and personal care items, such as deodorant or toothpaste
  • Personalized products, such as engraved dog tags or sports jerseys with your name printed on them
  • Items that use gasses or flammable liquids
  • Items labeled as “hazardous”
  • Items purchased from the Amazon Bulk Liquidation Store

About Amazon Prime Refunds

Amazon Prime is a subscription service where customers can use additional features on Amazon’s website, such as enabling free shipping on all orders and using Amazon Prime Video.

So long as you never use anything involving Amazon Prime, you’re entitled to a refund if you ask for one. For instance, you might accidentally sign up for Amazon Prime while you attempt to check out an item, but so long as you don’t use the Prime shipping option or check out at all, you can take the time to contact Amazon and request your refund.

How To Cancel Amazon Prime

If you accidentally started an Amazon Prime subscription, don’t panic. Canceling the subscription is very easy. Here’s how to cancel Amazon Prime:

  1. Log into Amazon’s website.
  2. Hover on “Account & Lists” on the upper right corner of the page.
  3. Click on “Memberships & Subscriptions”
  4. Locate your Prime subscription.
  5. Click on “Prime Membership Settings”.

From there, you have the option to cancel your subscription and potentially get refunded.

If you’ve obtained a Prime subscription through a third-party company, such as through a mobile carrier or cable provider, you’ll have to reach out to that company regarding refund options.

How To Contact Amazon Customer Service

If you want to speak or write to an Amazon representative, there are multiple ways to get in touch with the company. The easiest way is to chat live with a staff member. Visit the Customer Service page and click on “Chat” on the bottom right corner of the page. A new window should open that can allow you to chat, but you’ll need to ask the virtual assistant to talk to a representative.

Here are all the ways you can reach out to Amazon:

Amazon Phone1 (888) 280-4331
Amazon App Live ChatOpen the Amazon app, tap on “Account settings”, and then “Customer Service”
Amazon Web Live Chat
Amazon on X
Amazon on Facebook
Amazon on Instagram

Amazon customer service is available to address questions, comments, and concerns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The company currently doesn’t have an email address for answering questions and concerns.

Where Do I Go To Return Amazon Products?

If you’re looking to return a package to Amazon, there are many places you can go to get assistance. If an Amazon distribution center isn’t close by, the possible locations near you where you can return your package include the UPS Store, Kohl’s, Staples, or Whole Foods. You can also opt to have UPS pick the package up at your address for $7.99. When you start your Amazon return, you’ll get to choose where to drop the package off from a list of locations.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Refund On Amazon?

Amazon refund times greatly vary by the payment method. Bank accounts require up to 10 days, whereas credit cards will take up to 5 days. If you opt to get refunded with a digit Amazon gift card, you’ll get those funds in mere hours. Is Hard To Resist

Aside from Amazon, Walmart, NewEgg, and other retailers, can help you get your money back in spite of troubling corporations with strict refund policies. You can request your refund at a moment’s notice, whether you’re at your desktop or on the go.

Sign up for your account today and see how refunds work when it comes to other companies and brands.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Get A Refund On An Amazon Prime Video Subscription?

Customers who are subscribed to Amazon Prime may have Prime Video included in their subscription. If you have a standalone Prime Video subscription, you can click here to sign in and manage your video subscription.

How Do I Refund An Amazon Prime Video Movie?

If you want to return a movie on Amazon Prime Video for a refund, you can return it for a refund. You can qualify for a refund if you never attempted to watch or download the video. The platform has a 14-day grace period for streaming content.

How Long Does It Take To Process An Amazon Refund For A Debit Card?

Amazon customers who prefer to get refunded using a debit card can expect a refund in up to 10 business days. This is one of the slower payment methods along with a prepaid credit card, bank checking account, SNAP EBT card, and getting a cash payment at a participating location.

Can I Return An Amazon Product If I Opened The Box Or Removed The Plastic Wrap?

Policies on opened products can depend on the retailer you purchased the item from. Your merchant might be obliged to offer you a full refund on a product that doesn’t work if you have to open it to find this out for yourself. If the merchant doesn’t have a refund policy, the store abides by Amazon's policy. Typically, retailers will issue 50% refunds for opened items or items removed from plastic wrappings.

Can I Cancel An Amazon Return If I Want to Start A Different Return?

According to the website, Amazon will allow you to cancel a return you previously started. You can do this if you change your mind on an order, want to return a different product, or want to add a product to your return. Simply navigate to “Your Orders” in the Amazon main menu and find the product you’re returning. One of your options will be to “Cancel this return”.