How To Get A Refund From SeatGeek

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How To Return SeatGeek Tickets And Get A Refund

SeatGeek is an online ticket marketplace where consumers buy and sell tickets, similar to StubHub and Ticketmaster. From Janet Jackson concerts to Major League Soccer games, fans have been able to secure great seats for events since 2016. SeatGeek’s website is the 5th most visited ticket vendor website in the United States.

But if you’re looking to get your money back on tickets you ordered, can SeatGeek give you your money back? Read our guide below to learn more about SeatGeek’s ticketing policies and how to get in contact with SeatGeek’s staff for help.

Can You Get A Refund On SeatGeek Tickets?

SeatGeek allows refunds under specific circumstances. If you purchased tickets and regret doing so, or you suddenly can’t attend the event, you won’t be granted a refund by simply asking for one. The website mentions there are multiple things that customers can do with tickets they no longer want or can use.

About SeatGeek’s Refund Policy

SeatGeek explains that if your event’s canceled by the venue and it’s never rescheduled, the vendor on SeatGeek will refund you. SeatGeek works very closely with sports and entertainment venues, so each ticket can be tracked down to the venue of the event you paid a ticket for.

SeatGeek will also refund you if the tickets you pay for aren’t the tickets you get, tickets that won’t work, or tickets that are fake or fraudulent. Consumers have been reported to receive 120% of their money back that the vendor must pay for if the tickets they sold to consumers were counterfeit. So if you paid $200 for two tickets, and the gatekeeper verified they were fake, the venue should give you $240 for your troubles.

Can I Contact The Venue For A SeatGeek Refund?

You’re welcome to contact the venue about your SeatGeek tickets and see if the venue is willing to offer you a refund or buy the tickets back from you. Venues likely will have refund policies of their own that are separate from SeatGeek.

For example, the Peoria Civic Center states all ticket sales are final if you order tickets for events at this venue. The venue, however, seems to be more lenient when it comes to changed events, as refunds can be on the table for postponed events as well as canceled events.

What Can I Do With SeatGeek Tickets I Can’t Use?

SeatGeek suggests multiple courses of action for tickets you don’t want or can’t use. They are as follows:

  • Re-sell the tickets on SeatGeek
  • If physical tickets, re-sell them outside the venue before the event begins
  • Give the tickets to an interested friend or family member

Re-selling the tickets on SeatGeek is the easiest option if you want money for your tickets and you have time to sell them. You can also sell or give your tickets to somebody who may be interested in the event.

How To Re-Sell SeatGeek Tickets

If you purchase SeatGeek tickets, re-selling them on the marketplace is simple. When you re-sell tickets, other customers will be able to purchase them and pay you. If your tickets are digital, you won’t be required to mail them.

Before you can sell tickets on SeatGeek, you’ll need to provide your bank account information so SeatGeek has an easy way to pay you for tickets you sell.

Here’s how to re-sell SeatGeek tickets:

  • Open the SeatGeek mobile app or visit the SeatGeek website.
  • Click on or tap the “Tickets” tab.
  • Locate the tickets for your event and click on the “Sell Tickets” button.

When a buyer purchases your tickets, you’ll be notified through email.

How To File a Refund Request With

Has SeatGeek denied your refund request? You can always get assistance from We can get with your bank so your local bank teller can step in to put money back in your bank account!

Here are the four steps for’s request process:

  1. Get registered on the website or smartphone app.
  2. Tell us what happened with SeatGeek and why you’d like a refund.
  3. Our professional AI will write up a formal letter along with a chargeback code necessary to make your refund happen.
  4. Your bank will receive our letter and make a decision on your case.

If your bank approves the refund request, your funds will reappear in your account in 3 to 5 business days.

How To Contact SeatGeek

If you want to contact seatGeek about your ticket order, you can do so in one of many different ways.

  • Phone - Call SeatGeek at (888) 506-4101 and wait to be in touch with a staff member.
  • Email - Write an email to Be sure to include your account and ticket order information.
  • Online Chat - Visit this link and click on the button on the bottom-right corner of the screen. You can also go to this link and click the ”Ask a question” button.
  • X - Visit and leave the account a direct message. Make sure your account and ticket order information are mentioned in your message.
  • Instagram - Visit and leave the account a private message. To speed up the process, be sure you state your account and ticket information.
  • Facebook - Visit and send the account a private message. While messaging SeatGeek, state your user information and ticket order.

For the fastest service, choose either the phone or online chat options, as you’ll be speaking to a representative in real-time and as soon as possible.

How To Transfer SeatGeek Tickets To Ticketmaster

SeatGeek makes it easy to transfer tickets from the SeatGeek website to the Ticketmaster website. This can be done with electronic tickets only.

Essentially, you have to go on the SeatGeek website, find your ticket order, and click on “Send”. This will give the tickets to the email address or phone number you provide without a transaction involved. While this is often what SeatGeek users do to send tickets as gifts, the information on the tickets will allow you to easily upload the tickets to Ticketmaster or another ticketing website. Is Your Plan B

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are SeatGeek’s Customer Service Hours?

SeatGeek’s customer service phone hours are posted from 9:00 AM to 1:00 AM EST, 7 days a week, excluding holidays. You have 16 hours in a day to call SeatGeek about a potential refund. Mornings are often the best hours to call to guarantee the shortest wait times.

How Do I Gift SeatGeek Tickets If I Can’t Refund Them?

To send digital SeatGeek tickets as gifts, log into the SeatGeek app or website. Go to the “Tickets” section and look for your order. You should see the option to “Send” your ticket. Enter the recipient’s email address and phone number to send the tickets away. You can also use this method to transfer tickets to another marketplace like StubHub.

Can I Get A SeatGeek Refund If My Tickets Don’t Work At The Gate?

If your tickets don’t work when you go to use them, contact SeatGeek. This is often a sign of fake or counterfeit tickets. SeatGeek should be able to work something out with you, whether it be a full refund, replacement tickets, or a credit for a future event.

What Are SeatGeek Credits?

In the event SeatGeek is unable to refund you, you might have the option to receive a credit instead. A SeatGeek credit is like a gift card or voucher, where you can order tickets and use the credit towards the purchase. With a credit, you can get your upcoming tickets for free or only pay a small difference in price — this depends on the prices of both your previous and future ticket orders.

Can I Get A Refund For SeatGeek Tickets I Can’t Sell?

SeatGeek doesn’t grant refunds for tickets you’re not able to sell on the SeatGeek marketplace. If you wish to look for another means to sell your tickets, you can transfer the tickets to Ticketmaster or another ticketing website.