How To Get A Refund From eBay

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The Smart Hack To Get Money Back From eBay Stress-Free

Since the late 90s, eBay has been one of the internet’s most popular websites, consisting of sellers offering wares and products online for others to purchase. eBay’s craze has long predated Amazon’s meteoric rise and has also paved the way for companies like Poshmark and Etsy.

Though if there’s something wrong with an eBay purchase, you’d like to know what your options are, what eBay can do, and what happens to the transaction afterwards. We at can answer all the tough questions when it comes to eBay refunds!

Does eBay Accept Refunds?

eBay is considered a middleman between buyers and sellers. That means they put responsibility on the sellers in regards to what the refund policies are on the items you purchase. Sellers have the ability to establish a refund policy or not. Basically, if they have a refund policy, they give you a certain number of days to ask for a refund. If they don’t have a refund policy, the item stays with you, and it cannot be returned.

When An eBay Item Doesn’t Arrive

If it’s been a week since you’ve bought an item from eBay and it hasn’t arrived, there’s an easy way to check the status of the item. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Log into your eBay account.
  2. Click on “My eBay”, followed by “Purchase History”.
  3. Scroll down to the purchase you want to look at.
  4. Click on the blue “Track Package” button.

The “Track Package button” will display information about the package’s whereabouts. This includes its current location, past locations, and when they’ve departed and arrived at these locations. This screen will also display when you should expect the item to arrive. If the item arrives today, it will display “Out For Delivery”. If it’s still a way’s off, it will give a projected delivery date. The system will also let you know if the package is late or is experiencing a delay.

When To Contact Your eBay Seller

When there hasn’t been a tracking number provided on the eBay item and it’s been a few days, either the item hasn’t been shipped yet or the seller is using a different means of transporting your item. If there hasn’t been any updates on your item in a while, contact the seller on eBay. Simply ask for an update and if possible, get a tracking number and delivery provider from them.

Usually, genuine sellers will have one of these explanations for why there hasn’t been updates from eBay:

  • The seller has been sick or had to get surgery.
  • The seller is dealing with severe weather.
  • The seller’s post office is closed.
  • The seller forgot to add the tracking number manually.
  • The seller can’t find the item you bought.

It’s best to be patient with these sellers and don’t do or say anything rash. If they offer to have the order canceled, you can decide if you want to cancel the transaction, and you can get a refund.

What Can I Do About A Shady eBay Seller?

It can happen when you purchase something on eBay, but you never get any updates on the package and the seller is radio silent, never responding to any of your messages.

In light of this, eBay can step in and open a dispute. To start a dispute, go to this link and choose the item you didn’t receive. As you file a dispute, explain what had happened, when you contacted the seller, how much time you waited, and other important information. eBay will give the seller three additional days before they themselves will intervene.

Can eBay Give Me My Refund If The Seller Won’t Respond?

Even if the seller states that refunds aren’t accepted, eBay can give you a refund since there would be no indication that the item was sent to you.

eBay will try to reach out to the seller. If the seller still doesn’t respond after a number of days, eBay will award you with a refund on the transaction. They will then proceed to have the seller pay them back, usually in the form of a debt collector.

Can eBay Cancel My Sale?

Many eBay users have expressed displeasure in the past of eBay intervening without consent and canceling sales, even if the package was already on its way to the buyer. eBay would refund the buyer and tell the seller to not ship anything or communicate with the buyer, leaving both parties often frustrated and without help. The most prominent example of this was in early 2022 in light of the Russia-Ukraine war, where eBay halted business with sellers and buyers who live in these 2 countries.

How To Get Help With

The eBay way of disputing can actually drag out over a month or more. If you’re not that patient, you can always turn to! We’ll work with your bank to have the transaction on your statement reversed so you can get all your cash back.

Our process takes just 4 simple steps:

  1. You tell us what happened with your eBay order.
  2. Our AI wizard writes a professional letter.
  3. A chargeback code is added to the letter to improve the odds of getting your refund.
  4. The bank receives your letter and reviews it.

We can have your letter ready in just under 10 minutes and we can mail it to your bank on your behalf. If the request is approved, it can take around 5 business days to see those funds again.

eBay Alternatives To Try

If you’re over eBay, you can always turn to one of eBay’s many competitors that have thriving ecosystems on second-hand goods.

Here are 7 sites that thousands peruse for findings every day:

EtsyHandmade Arts And Crafts
OfferUpLocal Wares
CraigslistLocal Wares
Facebook MarketplaceN/A

eBay Customer Service Links

If you’d like to speak with an eBay representative directly, there are multiple ways you can do so.

eBay used to have other means of customer service. eBay’s X page has been abandoned since 2022, and while there is a phone number you can call, being able to speak to a representative with it is very difficult and requires a 7-digit code.

Settle All Your Refunds With can help you get your money back no matter what company you’re dealing with. From Amazon to Zelle, chargebacks from your bank are fast and effective.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Delivery Services Work With eBay On Items?

Primarily, eBay worlds with the United States Postal Service (USPS). The postal service will deliver your eBay items along with your mail. eBay also can help track orders for deliveries handled by UPS, FedEx, DHL, and other companies.

Does eBay Oblige To Seller’s Refund Policies?

eBay will take note of each seller’s refund policies when reviewing disputes and cases. If you have received the item but want it returned when the seller doesn’t accept refunds, there’s not much eBay can do.

How Can I Keep Track Of eBay Items Aside From eBay’s Website?

Buyers can track their eBay items with To do this, they need to copy the item’s tracking number and paste the number in the search bar where it says “Search or Track Packages”.

Buyers can also set up text and/or email alerts for the package when the item is delivered.

Do I Have To Pay On Return Shipping For eBay Refunds?

Shipping policies depend on the eBay seller. If their policies state that buyers are accountable for return shipping, they will have to pay to ship it. But if the shipping was free, then the seller will have to pay for shipping.

Can eBay Community Help Me Get A Refund?

eBay Community is a forum where eBay users discuss their eBay orders online. eBay users engage in conversation to only give and seek advice and is not a means to handle refunds or disputes.