How To Get A Refund From DHGate

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The No. 1 Way To Get A Refund From DHGate

DHGate is an online marketplace where customers all over the world purchase goods directly from manufacturers in China. From clothing to electronics, consumers can get incredible value on goods thanks to the lack of distribution partners or retailers involved. If you want to return an order you purchased on DHGate, can you get your money back? We at can show you how refunds work on the website and what you should be aware of so that you don’t miss out on getting your money back.

Can You Get A Refund From DHGate?

DHGate has a statement regarding refunds on the company website. Essentially, you can request a refund within 90 days of receiving the item and it can be granted. This is super convenient in the event you give the item as a gift but the recipient wants it returned or exchanged.

Keep in mind, however, that the product must be in resellable condition, just like when you received it. That means no tags removed or boxes torn.

What’s the DHGate Purchase Protection Program

DHGate has a Purchase Protection Program for buyers on the website. This program protects customers who did not receive their goods or whose goods weren’t as described. This can actually mean one of many things, including:

  • The item was the wrong color or size as requested.
  • The item was a completely different product from purchases.
  • The item doesn’t work when turned on or works badly.
  • The item arrived damaged or broken.’s 4-Step Refund Process

Are you experiencing difficulties in obtaining a refund from DHGate? We got your back at We can help recover your funds with a bank chargeback. We’ll get with your bank and they can decide whether to reverse the bank transaction without DHGate’s involvement.

Here’s our simple process for requesting refunds using

  1. Create your account on’s website or mobile app.
  2. Share your situation with our AI wizard, explaining why you deserve to get your money back.
  3. Review the draft letter the AI wizard generates, including the appropriate chargeback code that your bank will later consider.
  4. Wait for the bank to get the letter in the mail and examine your case.

Upon your bank’s approval, you can expect to see your money back in your account. When DHGate’s policies fail to protect you, ensures you receive the reimbursement you deserve for lackluster products or services.

Can I Cancel My DHGate Order After Before It’s Shipped?

You can contact the seller to cancel your order if you recently purchased it. If the seller hasn’t shipped your order, he or she may be able to cancel the order and keep the item from getting shipped. You should get a refund for canceling your orders.

If you want to cancel the order, but the package has already been sent out, you can contact the post office and tell them that you refuse the package. Once they receive the package, they should mark the item as “refused” and return it to the seller.

About DHGate’s Dispute Process

To request a refund on DHGate, you will need to open a dispute. The dispute process goes like this.

  1. Log into your DHGate account.
  2. Click on “My Orders”.
  3. Find the order you want to open a dispute for.
  4. Depending on the order status, you should see “Request Refund”, “Open Dispute”, or “Open an After-sale Dispute” on the right side of the screen. Click which ever one appears.
  5. Answer any questions that may appear and click on “Submit”.

You can also open a dispute from the DHGate mobile app. The procedure is around the same, but you’d like to look for a “Return & Refund” tab while reviewing the order details.

Why DHGate May Not Issue Full Refunds

In some scenarios, DHGate won’t refund you on the entire order. Usually, there’s a fee or difference in payment that you won’t get reimbursed for. Here are the scenarios that will cause DHGate to issue a partial refund, rather than a full refund:

CouponCoupons are commonplace with DHGate. If you purchase an item with a coupon, however, you will only get money back from the amount that came out of your pocket. For instance, if you buy an $35 outfit, but use a $3 coupon with your order, your total, and thus your refund, will be $32.
Transaction FeesTransfer fees occur when you need to transfer the refund back into your bank. In this instance, DHGate will send the full, coupon-less amount, but the bank will keep a portion of this money to cover the transfer.
Exchange RateIf you pay for products in a different currency than the Chinese Yuan, your bank will have to convert the money. This will be another instance of your bank being responsible for the difference in funds rather than DHGate.

How To Contact DHGate Customer Service

There are several ways to get in touch with DHGate customer service if you have questions about your order. These contact methods are as follows:

  • DHGate Messages Tab - Log into and click on the “Messages” tab.
  • Fax - Send a fax message to +86-10-82025922.

DHGate has removed all instances of their phone number.

DHGate Disputes On PayPal

If you’ve purchased goods on DHGate using PayPal, and would like a refund, you’ll have to use the PayPal Resolution Center. PayPal will handle the transaction on DHGate’s behalf and will ask for evidence to suggest you’re entitled to a refund.

To open a dispute with PayPal, you’ll need to log into your PayPal account, click on the “Activities” tab, and find the specific PayPal transaction. Usually, you can open a dispute if the transaction was created less than 90 days ago.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When Can I Expect A Response Email From DHGate Customer Service?

If you contact DHGate customer service through email, you should expect a response within 4 business hours. If you don’t get a response after 24 hours, the company suggests writing another email and including your account details and order number.

Can I Ask My DHGate Seller For A Refund?

To get a return and refund going on DHGate, you won’t need to open a dispute if your seller can communicate with you. If you reach an agreement with your seller, you can arrange to have the product returned. You’ll be required to manually input the package tracking return number for DHGate to acknowledge the return.

Can I Get DHGate Refunds On Coupons I Used?

Customers won’t be able to receive refunds for used coupons. Once a coupon is used, it can’t be redeemed for cash. You will only be able to get a refund on the funds that came out of your credit card, virtual wallet, or bank account.

When Is It Time To Open A Dispute With DHGate?

If it’s taking a long time to receive your DHGate goods, you can open a dispute 10 days after the purchase date. A dispute can be opened if no tracking information has been provided, if the package has been returned to the sender or is on hold, or if the package has been sent to the wrong address. If there is tracking information and the package is proceeding along the delivery route as normal, it’s best to wait, as the package is outside of the seller’s control and will still arrive to you as normal.