How To Get A Refund From Discord Nitro

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An Entirely New Way To Get A Discord Nitro Refund

Discord Nitro is a premium tier of Discord available to all users for $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year in the United States. The tier grants members upgrades in file upload capacity, custom emojis, and other perks, and has been used by over 600 million users as of 2024. At one point in 2017, 2 of every 5 Discord Users were subscribed to Nitro.

Though if you’ve had your fill of Discord Nitro, you’re likely looking for an easy way to get your money back on your most recent subscription or renewal. Thankfully, can show you how a refund can be possible.

Can You Get A Nitro Discord Refund?

Discord has posted the company refund policy on its official website. To summarize this policy, Discord will allow refunds on most purchases, so long as it’s been less than five days since the purchase.

For instance, if you have first subscribed to Discord Nitro last Friday at 7:00 PM, you have until Wednesday at 7:00 PM to get a refund. Past the 5-day period, the payment will stand.

It’s also great to know that you can also get a refund on a renewal if it’s been less than 5 days since the new billing term began. This refund, however, will only apply to the current billing term and not the entirety of your subscription.

How To Contact Discord Customer Service

The main method of reaching out to Discord customer service is using their “Submit a request” page. Thankfully, you don’t have to be logged into your Discord account, so you can use this page to contact Discord on any device from anywhere.

Here’s how you can contact Discord to get your Nitro subscription refunded:

  1. Visit the Submit a request page.
  2. In the first drop-down box, select “Billing”.
  3. In the second drop-down box, select “I want a refund for my subscription purchase”.
  4. Enter your email address in the appropriate text box, and state whether it’s the same email address you use for Discord.
  5. Write your subject and description, being as detailed as possible with the latter.
  6. If applicable, provide a screenshot that can help add credence to your case.
  7. Click on the “Submit” button.

What Kinds Of Discord Purchases Can I Get A Refund For?

According to the Discord refund policy, members can get refunds for multiple types of purchases on Discord. These purchases include:

  • Nitro or Server Boost Purchases
  • Unclaimed Nitro Gifts
  • Server Subscriptions

There are also a number of purchases that Discord isn’t allowed to issue refunds for. These purchases are as follows:

  • In-App Purchases
  • Claimed Nitro Gifts
  • Profile Cosmetics (such as avatars, effects, or banners)
  • Subscriber Promotions
  • Server Shop Purchases
  • Content From Other Users Of Developers

It’s Been Less Than 5 Days And I’m Still Not Allowed A Discord Nitro Refund

While Discord can typically allow users to get refunds on subscriptions or renewals that are less than 5 days old, users might purchase or claim something with their Nitro membership that will cause the refund clause to become void. If you’ve purchased a profile cosmetic or claimed a promotion, such as a free month of Xbox Game Pass, you can no longer get a refund for your Nitro subscription. Since these cosmetics and promotions are non-refundable, obtaining them will also make your Nitro subscription non-refundable for the current billing term.

Use To Force A Discord Nitro Chargeback

Discord not budging? Try for a second chance at getting your cash back! We can guide you to submitting a chargeback request to your local bank, providing you with a professionally-written letter, chargeback code, and other credentials without any postage necessary. Here’s why it’s worth filing a chargeback with us:

Filing A Chargeback With aRefund.comFiling A Chargeback Without
Chargeback Filing TimeLess than 10 minutes30 minutes to 1 hour
Legal and Finance Experience Required?NoYes
Car Trip Required?NoYes
Odds Of A Successful ChargebackModerateHigh

If successful, you’ll see your funds return to your bank account within 5 business days. Discord has no involvement with the chargeback process and will not try to appeal the chargeback decision.

How To Get A Refund For App Purchases

If you downloaded a Discord Nitro subscription or purchase from the App Store, you can initiate a self-service refund from Apple. While Apple doesn’t specify how much time you’re given to request a refund, you should be able to get one without spending time on the phone or writing an email. Get an App store refund for your Discord purchase in the following steps:

  1. Visit Apple’s Report A Problem page.
  2. Click on "I'd like to,".
  3. Click on "Request a refund."
  4. Choose the reason why you’re requesting a refund.
  5. Click on “Next”.
  6. Locate the Discord subscription.
  7. Click on “Submit”.

It should take up to 2 business days for Apple to reach out to you through email, usually detailing the refund details and confirming that the funds have been reversed back to your bank account or credit card.

About Discord Nitro Basic

If you want to explore the other Nitro subscription, Nitro Basic, you might be keener on this subscription before resorting to canceling Nitro altogether. Nitro Basic is considered the “lite” version of Nitro, offering fewer and less abundant perks, but only costs $2.99 per month in the United States. If you want to downgrade to Nitro Basic, here’s what you can still do compared to Nitro:

  • Use Super Reactions an infinite number of times
  • Use custom emojis
  • Use custom stickers and apply them anywhere
  • Use custom video backgrounds
  • Display the Nitro badge on your profile

For a list of features that aren’t available for Nitro Basic users, visit the Discord Nitro landing page. One detriment from Nitro is that you’ll only be able to upload files up to 50 MB (from 500 MB), but this still might be lucrative enough for some users that like to share videos.

Can I Get A Refund On A Discord Nitro Subscription Using A Key

If you’ve purchased a key or code to unlock a month or year of Discord Nitro, you can’t get refunded. While websites like GameFlip or Eneba sell you the codes, they are considered “gift purchases”, which are non-refundable according to Discord’s refund policy.

If you want a refund from the website you purchased the key from, contact that website’s customer service. Usually, the website won’t grant refunds if the code has already been claimed.

How Do I Cancel Discord Nitro From My Dashboard?

Canceling Discord Nitro is very simple and can be done right on the Discord app, website, or desktop application. To cancel the membership, simply log into Discord and look for the cogwheel icon at the bottom left part of the screen. From the list menu on the left, select “Subscriptions”. Inside the colorful Nitro graphic, you should see a link that says “Cancel”, or if you want to try the alternate Nitro plan, you can click on “Switch Plans”. You will need to scroll down two pages in order to confirm your cancellation.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will I Still Have Discord Nitro If I Cancel It?

Members who cancel Discord Nitro will continue to have access to the subscription and its perks until the end of the current billing cycle. What canceling Discord Nitro technically means is that you state you don’t wish to renew it, so you will still have Nitro as long as it’s still the current billing term.

What Happens To My Discord Account If I Get A Nitro Refund?

Unlike canceling Discord Nitro, your account will revert back to a normal Discord account once your refund has been granted. You should still have access to all the servers you’re subscribed to and any posts and content you’ve previously used with the Nitro membership should still appear.

How Many Ways Can I Contact Discord Customer Service?

Discord’s customer service team has multiple contact methods, though none of them are real-time methods like phone or live chat.

The first method is using the Submit a Request page. This page lets you send an email to Discord, and a team member should email you back with a response.

The second method is writing an email to Discord directly, at The procedure should be similar to using the Submit a Request page.

Lastly, you can send a direct message to Discord Customer Support’s X account. To send a direct message, click on the button with the envelope icon. The account has also posted many links where you can check the status of Discord, report bugs, and more.

Do I Keep Decorations And Perks After Canceling Discord Nitro?

If you’ve purchased a decoration, you should still have access to the decoration even after you cancel your Nitro membership. Because decorations can be purchased separately, you can still keep them once you revert back to a regular Discord member. Perks will still be accessible while you’re still a Nitro member, but will disappear after the billing cycle.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Refund For A Discord Nitro Subscription?

It typically takes up to a week for Discord to return money back to its members. This is primarily dependent on the member’s payment method. Credit cards need around 5 to 14 business days to collect a refund. Venmo takes 1 to 5 business days to get money back from Discord. PayPal is the fastest option in the United States, only needing 1 to 3 business days to get a refund.