How To Get A Refund From Sony

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How To Request A Full Refund From Sony And Get It

A technology and multimedia powerhouse, Sony has been a worldwide pioneer in consumer and commercial electronics. From the Sony Walkman to blockbuster movie franchises, Sony’s been behind some of the best products on the market for generations. As of 2024, Sony has a total net worth of $113 billion.

But if you’ve purchased a product made by Sony. what options do you have for getting your money back? At, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide that helps consumers like you find the best way to get a Sony refund.

Can You Get A Sony Refund?

Eligibility and terms for a refund on a Sony product depend on where you’ve purchased the product from. But whether you purchased the product at a store or directly from the Sony or PlayStation website, it’s possible to get a refund if you request one. Refund Terms

For Sony products purchased on the Sony website, you’re eligible for a refund if you placed the order less than 30 days ago. So for instance, if you purchased a Sony camera on April 9th, and the camera arrives on April 15th, you still have until May 9th to request a refund.

When you initiate a return, you must include all the packaging, accessories and booklets the product is included with. So if you return a Sony TV, but you forgot to include the remote control, Sony might not accept the refund.

How To Start A Sony Return

Sony returns can be started on the Sony website and without the need for customer support.

Here’s how to initiate a return from Sony:

  1. Visit the Sony Returns page.
  2. Enter your email address the the order reverence number.
  3. Go to your order and click the “Return/Refund” button.
  4. Follow the steps to finalize your return.
  5. Wait for an email that includes return instructions and a printable return label.

Sony Refund Terms At Other Stores

When returning Sony products at a store near you, it must be returned at the same store you purchased it from. Each store has its own return policy, where the grace period and other terms will depend on the store’s rules.

Here are some of the most prominent stores in America that sell Sony products.

StoreReturn Grace Period
GameStop7 days for Sony products

30 days for PlayStation products

Office Depot14 days
Office Max14 days
Staples14 days
Best Buy15 days
AmazonHonor’s Sony’s Policy (30 days)
Kohl’s30 days
Newegg30 days
BJ’s Wholesale Club90 days
Costco90 days
Home Depot90 days
Lowe’s90 days
Sam’s Club90 days
Target90 days
Walmart90 days

Amazon originally has a 30-day grace period for returns for products sold by merchants that don’t specify their return policies — but either way, it’s the same number of days as Sony. If you start a return with Amazon, there are a number of locations you can return the package to, including the UPS Store, Kohl’s, and Staples.

For a complete list of retailers that sell Sony products, click here.

Turn To For A Bank Chargeback

If Sony refuses to fulfill your refund request, you can get help from! We’ll reach out to your bank for a chargeback request, and if approved, you’ll see your funds return to your bank account within 5 business days!

Here’s aRefund’s 4-step plan for refunding customers:

  1. Register your account with
  2. Explain your situation with Meta and why you deserve your refund.
  3. Our AI system will draft a formal letter to your bank, and provide a reason code it needs to grant the refund.
  4. Your bank receives the letter in the mail and reviews it.

No heavy lifting or hours spent waiting on the phone. Just peace of mind that your refund request gets a fair shot without any nuisances from Sony.

About PlayStation Digital Refunds

PlayStation owners can purchase goods digitally. To return digital goods, users must log on to the PlayStation website. Those who want a refund on digital goods must speak with a specialist on the website’s chat box.

The list of digital goods that consumers can get a refund for include:

  • Full games
  • Add-on content
  • Season passes
  • Content bundles
  • Virtual currency packs
  • PlayStation Plus subscriptions
  • Pre-ordered content

How Much Time Do I Have For A PlayStation Digital Refund?

PlayStation allows you 14 days since you’ve purchased the content to get a refund. Depending on how often you’ve used the content, PlayStation may or may not accept the refund. To guarantee the best chances of a refund, you must have played the content for less than 2 hours at most.

If you want a refund on content you’ve pre-ordered, you can also get a full refund. If you’ve pre-ordered a game 14 days before the release date, you can get a refund any time before the game’s release. For pre-orders less than 14 days from the game’s release, you can get a refund any time less than 14 days from your pre-order date.

Click here to learn how to request a PlayStation digital refund.

Do I Have To Pay For Shipping On Sony Returns?

According to Sony’s Store FAQs page, you’re responsible for shipping and handling costs when you return a Sony product.

Furthermore, $150 will be deducted from your refund if you return a TV that’s 51 inches or more in size. However, if your TV is still in transit, you can refuse during the delivery and you won’t need to pay this fee.

What Sony Products Aren’t Eligible For Returns?

Not every Sony product is eligible for a return. The following products are non-returnable on Sony’s website:

  • Subscriptions
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Video Games
  • Video game consoles
  • Computer software
  • Personalized products
  • Warranties
  • aibo virtual pet
  • 500mm super telephoto lens (SAL500F40G)

While these products can’t be returned, you can ask for an exchange of the same product if the product you receive is defective.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When Do I Receive My Sony Refund?

Sony states that it takes up to 10 business days for your funds to return to your original payment method. Learn more by reading Sony’s FAQ page.

Can I Return A Sony Product If It Was A Gift?

If you purchased a product form Sony as a gift, it can be returned. To start a return, simply visit the Sony Returns page, then click on “Return gifts”. You’re required to enter the order reference number and zip code.

Can I Get A Refund For The Sony Aibo Virtual Pet?

Unfortunately, Sony doesn’t allow refunds on the aibo virtual pet. If your pet isn’t functioning properly, Sony will allow you to exchange it for another aibo pet.

What Can I Do With Sony Products I Can’t Return?

For used and unwanted Sony products, you can get money for them at a number of different places online and around your area. Visit eBay and other online marketplaces to sell the item at the product you want. If you want money right away for your Sony product, you can sell it at a local tech store, pawn shop, flea market, etc.

How Can I Contact Sony Customer Support?

Sony’s customer support site can be found at this page. Choose a product category to reveal contact methods available according to the product you need help with. You also might have the option to chat with a specialist live or send the team text messages.

The phone number listed will vary based on the product category. For instance, the phone number for headphones will be different from the number for storage mediums.