How To Get A Refund From Wix

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How Can I Cancel Wix And Get A Full Refund

Wix changed the game of web design and development as one of the first platforms to drag and drop elements and assets into web pages, as opposed to traditional coding and programming. Since first launching in 2006 in Israel, Wix has adapted and evolved its technology to stay in the picture as one of the go-to services for web design.

Did Wix not work out that well? Did you find another service that’s more suitable for your needs? If either is true, you’re likely wondering how you can get your money back from purchasing a Wix subscription. Let us at show you how with our useful guide.

Does Wix Accept Refunds?

Wix offers refunds for the “Premium Plan”. Essentially a Premium Plan refers to any plan that you pay money for on Wix’s website. The first couple of weeks is a trial period, so you “buy before you try”. This means you pay for the service, and you’ll get that money back so long as you request it back before the “trial” ends. All Premium Plan purchasers are subject to this trial.

About Wix’s Refund Terms

According to Wix, those who pay for a Premium Plan have 14 days to cancel it, and those who do will get all their money back. For instance, if you purchased a plan one week ago on Monday, and today is Wednesday, you have until this Monday to cancel your plan and get all your money back from Wix.

This refund policy only applies to new Premium plan subscriptions made with non-SEPA payments. Here are the types of payments that are ineligible for a refund on paper:

  • New Premium Plan subscriptions made with SEPA-payments
  • Renewed subscriptions
  • Upgraded subscriptions

If you paid with a SEPA payment, you will have to contact your bank to get the payment canceled.

Can I Request A Refund After The First 14 Days?

Wix will still allow any consumers to request a refund, even if it’s been more than 14 days since the subscription was purchased. You can go to this link to request a refund after logging in to your Wix account. Wix will consider your refund request and can grant one at the company’s sole discretion. There is no guarantee that you’ll get a refund if you purchased the plan more than 14 days ago. Examples of refunds being granted in these instances may include duplicate charges and fraudulent charges.

When Can I Expect To Get My Money Back From My Wix Refund?

The time it takes to get your money back ultimately depends on how long ago the cancellation took place from the purchase of the plan.

If you canceled your plan within the first 24 to 72 hours of your subscription, there’s a chance the transaction could have been voided, in which case, the transaction would be canceled and any pending money that was set to leave your account will stay there.

For any other time in the 14-day trial period, funds will return to your credit card in up to 5 business days. It may take up to 20 business days for the refund to show up on your bank or credit card statement.

How To Cancel My Wix Premium Plan

If you’re looking to cancel your Premium Plan on Wix’s website, you can easily do so before the “trial” period is over. Here’s where to go to cancel your plan:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Click on your avatar on the upper-right corner of the page. Then click on “Premium Subscriptions”.
  3. Scroll down to your plan on the page.
  4. Find the ellipses “...” button and click on it. Then click on “Cancel plan”.
  5. Click on the red “Cancel Now” button.
  6. State the reason for your cancellation and write any comments you may have to Wix.
  7. Click on the second red “Cancel Now” button.

What Happens To My Wix Account After I Cancel My Subscription?

If you choose to cancel your Wix Premium Plan now, you’ll immediately lose access to any features you’ve paid for. While other companies will let you keep your benefits until the end of the billing cycle, Wix isn’t all that generous. But it makes sense, seeing that Wix customer support will give you your money back within the first 2 weeks. You’ll still have a website you can manage, but expect the following changes to take place:

  1. You’ll start to see Wix ads appear on it.
  2. You’ll notice limitations in storage and bandwidth.
  3. You won’t have any access to Wix Payments or Google Analytics.

How Can I Contact Wix Customer Service?

Wix offers around-the-clock customer support for English-speaking customers. If you wish to Chat with a Wix customer service representative, you can go to this link. You’ll first converse with WixBot, the company’s AI companion, but you can ask it to connect you with a human agent who might be able to help you further.

You can also send messages to Wix customer support on X, Facebook, or Instagram. Be sure to leave a private message towards the account and do not disclose any personal information in a public post or comment. Helps You Get A Successful Chargeback

With, we can connect you with your bank and give your specialist a strong case for giving you the refund you deserve. You won’t even have to hear from Wix in this manner and you’ll get a final decision within mere days.

Here’s why you might need our help to file a chargeback with your bank:

Chargeback MethodFormal LetterTime To Write LetterReason CodeCosts To Mail Letter
With aRefund.comYesA couple of minutesYesNo
Without half-hour?Yes

As you can see, there are no downsides to getting help from We can draft your letter right away, mail it at a moment’s notice and you won’t need to pay for postage.

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Can I Use Wix For Free?

Wix does offer a free plan for users, but the main downside is that you can’t use a custom domain, you’ll have to change the domain name to “”. If you’re a blogger or another individual who wants a personal website, this might still be doable for you, but certainly not for businesses that want to keep their own domains.

Here are all the basic features you can expect on a free Wix plan:

  • Assigned URL
  • Wix ads appear
  • Storage capped at 500 megabytes
  • Bandwidth capped at 1 gigabyte

For free plans, there is no ability to manage online payments, Google Analytics isn’t included, and customer support is more limited compared to those with upgraded or premium plans.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Contact A Wix Customer Service Agent by Email?

Wix currently doesn’t have an email address on file for customer service. Instead, you can contact a Wix agent online with the live chat feature of through popular social media channels such as Instagram.

Do I Need To Request A Refund After I Cancel My Wix Premium Plan?

If you cancel your Premium Plan within the 14-day time frame, you don’t need to request a refund. Wix will automatically initiate the refund process and you’ll get your money back without needing to contact customer service.

The request a refund page is only designed for subscribers with plans that have gone on longer than 14 days or with plans that aren’t covered by the money-back guarantee. Feel free to state your case to Wix if you are among these subscribers.

How Can I Change My Wix Premium Plan?

To change your Wix Premium Plan without canceling, go to your account details on the Wix website. Click on Premium Subscriptions to go to the page with your subscription. Click on the ellipses “...” to access the subscription menu, then click on “Change Plan”. You should be guided towards choosing a new plan.

Click on this link for more details and alternative ways to change your Wix Premium Plan.

Can I Get A Refund For A Domain I Purchased From Wix?

According to Wix, Wix domain sales aren’t the same as Premium Plan sales, so they don’t come with a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t want your Wix domain anymore, you are free to request a refund and explain why you’re entitled to getting your money back. If you turn off the auto-renew function on your subscription, the Wix domain will expire at the end of the billing term.

Can I Request A Refund To WixBot On Wix Customer Service?

You can request a refund to WixBot on the Wix live chat page. To do this, simply write “Refund” in the chat box and press Enter. The AI will recognize you want a refund and will give you the link for requesting a refund. Alternatively, you can simply go to this link to file your refund request to Wix customer support.