How To Get A Refund From Google Play

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Get Your Google Play Refund The Easy Way And Build A Strong Case For Your Bank

Google Play is the most popular storefront for downloading mobile apps and software on Android devices. From games to subscriptions to productivity tools, you can acquire them all for your Android phone on Google Play.

Though if you’re having second thoughts on purchasing an app or subscription, can Google help you get a Google Play refund? Are there other ways you can get your money back? Let show you everything there is to know about Google Play’s refund policies.

Can I Get A Google Play Refund?

Under special circumstances, Google will allow customers to make Google Play refunds. The tech giant acknowledges many reasons customers ask for refunds, and many of them are easily obliged after submitting a refund request.

Google Play Refund Request Scenarios

Google Play will allow customers to refund app, content and subscription purchases for multiple reasons.

You’re eligible for a Google Play refund if:

  • You’ve purchased the app, content or subscription within 48 hours or 7 days.
  • An identity thief has purchased the app, content or subscription without your knowledge or permission.
  • A friend or family member has accidentally purchased the app, content or subscription using your account.

Detailed Terms For Google Play Refunds

Since Google handles various different types of content that consumers purchase on the Google Play storefront, Google has outlined terms for each type of content to help representatives determine if the refund can be justified and the consumer doesn’t try to get away with using content for free. Movies and TV shows are the primary example in this instance, as you can easily watch this content for as long as you want in a 7-day span and still have the chance to get your money back without more policy restrictions in place.

Here’s a rundown of the types of content Google Play has available and what the terms are to qualify for a refund:

Apps, Games, and In-App PurchasesEligible within 48 hours since purchase.
App SubscriptionsEligible within 48 hours since purchase or renewal. Refund is only eligible for the current month only.
Google Play PassEligible within 48 hours since purchase or renewal. Refund is only eligible for the current month only.
Play PointsEligible within 48 hours since purchase. Points will be deduced from the account.
Movies and TV Show Purchases and RentalsEligible within 7 days since purchase and movie or show episode was never started. Also eligible if the content’s unable to be played or plays with technical difficulties.
eBooksEligible within 7 days since purchase and the book was never started. Also eligible if the content’s unable to be read.
eBook RentalsNo refunds.
AudiobooksContact the audiobook distributor for refund terms.
Magazine Single IssuesNo refunds, unless the content’s unable to be read.
Magazine SubscriptionsEligible within 7 days since purchase or if the content’s unable to be read.
Google Play Gift Cards and BalanceEligible for amounts $10 or below.

Can I Contact The App Developer For A Refund?

In certain scenarios, if Google won’t grant you a refund, you can contact the developer of the app or content in question if you can get refunded from them instead. The developer itself may have their own refund policies in place, and if that’s the case, follow their instructions for how you can get your refund. Google won’t have a problem with this, and suggest this as an alternative if you can’t get a refund in a simpler way.

How Do I Start The Google Play Refund Process?

Most Google Play Refunds are primarily handled by a single page. Click here to get started on your refund.

Google will walk you through the refund request process. It goes as follows:

  1. Visit Google Play’s Refund Request page.
  2. Click on “Continue”.
  3. Verify you’re using the right Google account.
  4. Browse through your most recent Google Play purchases.
  5. Find the items you want to return and click on “Refund”.

Alternatively, you can start your request for a refund by going to your Google Play Store app on your device, tapping on the ellipses “...”, tapping on “Account”, and then “Purchase History”.

How Do I Check My Refund Status?

Because of the extremely high volume of inquiries that Google handles on a regular basis, it will take up to 4 business days before your request is reviewed and a decision is made.

To check the status of your refund request in the meantime, you can visit this page and click on the “Check your refund request status button”. Google’s AI support assistant will appear and you can chat with it to get the latest update on your inquiry.

How To Get Help With

If Google is taking their sweet old time with your refund, or if they inexplicably deny your refund request, you can also turn to We communicate with your bank in hopes to work out a refund that won’t need to involve Google at all! Here’s what you can do with

  1. Register for your account using your online browser or our mobile app.
  2. Tell us your experience with your purchase and why you feel you deserve a refund.
  3. Submit your details and our AI tool will write up a professional letter to your bank.
  4. See the reason or chargeback code we’ll use to associate your case with a legitimate refund your bank knows about.
  5. Wait until your bank reads and reviews your case for a decision.

Your process is quick and efficient when it comes to building a credible case to get refunded. Google will not try to intervene should your refund get approved.

Can Google Play Help Me Refund YouTube Purchases?

Because YouTube is under the Google umbrella, it’s only natural to expect Youtube movie rentals and purchases and music purchases to fall under the Google Play department. However, this isn’t the case.

Google has their own page for how to troubleshoot YouTube purchases, which Google recommends you read should you want a refund for a YouTube transaction.

Can I Contact Google Play Customer Service?

Google does not have a known customer service department. While a 2019 Google Play gift card terms of service page mentions their number as 1-855-466-4438, the number doesn’t go through when you call it.

Here are all your options for how to ask for a refund:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Get A Refund From My Google Play Store App?

You can inquire about refunds from the Google Play Store on your handheld device. Go to your account and browse your purchase history, and select the transaction you want refunded. If you’re not able to request a refund, go to this link on your web browser for assistance.

How Do I Get A Google Refund On Hardware Or Products?

If you’ve purchased a physical Google product online such as a Google Pixel phone, you will need to contact the store you bought the product from to set up a refund and return. You can initiate a Google Store refund by opening the chat box on the home screen and search “refund”.

What Are Google Play’s Customer Service Hours?

Google does not specify their hours when handling requests from customers. If you leave them a refund request, they will respond to it at their earliest convenience.

Can I Withdraw My Google Play Balance To My Bank?

Customers who have a Google Play Balance on their account can convert the points to money and transfer it to their bank accounts. Google has a tutorial on how you can do this on your Android device.

Can I Get A Google Play Refund Just By Uninstalling Apps?

Google has rules on how customers can get automated refunds by purchasing and shortly after uninstalling a paid app. You’ll have to purchase the app again in order to re-download and use it, but the automated refund won’t occur again if you uninstall again.