How To Get A Refund From Microsoft

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Get Money Back From Microsoft's Games and Products In A Breeze

Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard in 1973, leading to the creation of one of the largest tech companies in our lifetime. Microsoft offers a wide array of tech products including Windows, Xbox, Surface tablets, and more.

Though if you’re in need of help getting money back from this corporate juggernaut, can lend a hand! Read onwards to learn the ins and outs of Microsoft’s refund policies and what your options are.

Does Microsoft Allow Refunds?

The short answer is “yes”. Microsoft does accept refunds on goods, but there’s quite a bit to learn when it comes to requesting a refund from this company in particular.

As Microsoft sells a variety of products that span from hardware and software, it can be very overwhelming to find out whether you’re eligible and where to go for help. That’s why Microsoft encourages you to visit their “Return Or Exchange Items” page so you can start from the beginning.

What Kinds Of Products Can I Get A Refund For?

Microsoft sells a variety of different goods and services, with products ranging from digital to physical. The list of goods eligible for a refund include:

  • Windows PCs
  • Windows Phones
  • Surface tablets
  • Microsoft 365 subscriptions
  • Onedrive subscriptions
  • Xbox game pass subscriptions
  • Xbox consoles
  • Xbox downloadable games
  • Xbox apps
  • Xbox downloadable content (DLC)
  • Microsoft and Xbox digital gift cards

Microsoft has many different guidelines for refunds. For example, downloadable Xbox games can be refunded within 14 days from the purchase date and you have accrued less than “significant playtime” on the game.

When you follow the steps to find your order history, you should see the option to refund so long as you meet the requirements. If there is no option, it’s safe to assume that Microsoft won’t accept a refund on that item.

Microsoft Refund Timetable

If you can manage to request a refund from Microsoft, it may take anywhere from 3 to 5 business days to have money go back into your credit card, bank account, or virtual wallet. Should Microsoft have any updates regarding the refund, they will email you.

If you are returning a digital item, the process is very simple and the content will be removed from your computer or game console. For physical products like laptops, they will need to be shipped to the given address. Microsoft will provide you with a return label that you will have to use to ship the item back.

Get What Belongs To You With

If you need help with getting refunded for a Microsoft product, turn to aRefund for fast and seamless assistance! Here’s what we do to help you get your money back:

  • We have our smart AI wizard take feedback from your Microsoft purchase experience.
  • The AI wizard takes your information and turns it into a professional letter.
  • Along with the letter, we mention the appropriate reason code to indicate you’re entitled to a refund.
  • We’ll mail the letter to your bank so it can make a decision about your refund.

And voila! You’re likely to get a notice from the bank that states you’ll get your refund and how long it may take.

Can I Sell My Hardware To Microsoft?

Microsoft has launched a Trade-In & Recycling Program so you can get money for your old, unwanted devices. The program lets you see how much money your tech will sell for before you can agree to send it in for money.

Here’s how the Trade-In Program works:

  1. Visit the Trade-In & Recycling Program page and scroll down to click on “Get a Trade-in value” in blue text.
  2. Choose the type of product you want to send in.
  3. Select the brand the product was made by.
  4. Select the model. Each model comes with an accompanying picture to help you choose the right option.
  5. Answer questions about the product, such as the condition and accessories the product still has.
  6. Click Calculate Value, where you’ll see how much money you’ll receive on your trade-in.
  7. If you agree to receive such an amount for your trade-in, click checkout and follow the instructions on how to send the product in.

There are some criticisms customers have had with the trade-in program. The first problem is that the program is only limited to smartphones, tablets, laptops, and game consoles. There’s no option for desktop computers. Secondly, the money Microsoft is offering is not great. For instance, a working Xbox One with all its accessories will only sell for $18, when the MSRP starts at $400. You have better options by selling your tech from an online marketplace.

How To Contact Microsoft

Microsoft does have a customer service phone line, but as you can imagine, the hotline receives hundreds, if not thousands, of inquiries each day. Microsoft has many customer service departments for all their brands and services, but here’s an easy way to get a hold of Microsoft regarding potential refunds.

Phone Number Call 1-800-642-7676. You’ll be guided to the correct department.
Virtual AgentVisit The chat box isn’t all that helpful, but if you type “request a phone call” the virtual agent will get a human representative to call your number when they’re available.
X ProfileVisit Send the account a message or reply to a post, and they can forward you to how to get a refund.
Chat BoxVisit Enter something in the search bar and search. After you do this, a “Contact Support” button will appear.

Microsoft Refunds Via Chat

Microsoft’s website appears to be very discombobulated with all its departments and how many changes the support teams undergo. While they do advertise 24/7 chat support, the path to access it is very confusing and hard to access if it’s your first time looking for it. To get to a Microsoft chat support, visit Enter something in the search bar. Wait for the search results to appear before you see a “Contact Support” button appear. Click that button to proceed.

You can get support for:

  • Windows
  • Microsoft 365 and Office
  • Xbox
  • Surface
  • MSN
  • And “Other Products”

From there, follow the prompts, verify your name and email address, and you should have the chat start in a new browser window.

Microsoft Gift Card Refunds

Microsoft can only grant refunds on digital gift cards. To get a refund on a digital gift card, refer to your order history on your Microsoft or Xbox profile. If you haven’t redeemed the card, you should be eligible for a return. If you have redeemed the card, though, it can’t be returned.

Microsoft can’t grant returns on physical gift cards. If you bought the card at a store, refer to the store's return policy to see if it will accept credit card refunds.

Before You Ask For A Microsoft Refund For A Gift Card

Did you know that Microsoft and Xbox gift cards are universal with nearly every Microsoft product? For instance, you can use a green Xbox gift card to help pay for PC accessories such as mice and keyboards. If you’re looking to return your gift card, perhaps you can use it to buy something else from Microsoft you never knew you needed instead.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Microsoft Recycle My Unwanted Tech?

Microsoft’s Trade-In & Recycle Program will recycle any products they can’t re-sell. This is often the case with products that have next to no trade-in value.

What Are Microsoft’s Customer Service Hours?

Microsoft’s phone customer service (1-800-642-7676) is available from Monday through Friday, 5 AM to 9 PM PST. The hours, however, have changed over the years.

Can I Dispute A Microsoft Subscription With PayPal Resolution Center?

If a Microsoft subscription is being managed by your PayPal account, you have the option to dispute it with the Resolution Center on the PayPal website. When you open a case, you explain what the situation is and why you feel you deserve a refund.

PayPal can decide whether to refund you or not. Opening a case is a rather lengthy process, so we recommend trying for a faster way to inquire about a refund if your bank account is involved.

What Is Microsoft’s Xbox Customer Service?

Xbox has its own customer support site separate from the rest of Microsoft. You can visit this site at This site appears to be managed much more frequently compared to other Microsoft departments, so expect the information given to be efficient and accurate.

What Is The Microsoft Store Refund Policy?

The Microsoft Store refund policy can be accessed at Essentially, you can return any physical product bought from this store for up to 60 days from the date of purchase.