How To Get A Refund From 24 Hour Fitness

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The NO.1 Hack To Get Money Back From 24 Hour Fitness

24 Hour Fitness is a chain of fitness gyms that have over 300 locations in 11 U.S. states. This company offers both affordable and premium monthly memberships for all kinds of customers looking to work out and enjoy extra amenities not available at home.

If you want to get your money back on a 24 Hour Fitness membership, you’re likely wondering how to get one in a quick and pain-free manner. Read on further to find out how 24 Hour Fitness refunds work.

Does 24 Hour Fitness Accept Refunds?

24 Hour Fitness accepts refunds on memberships. 24 Hour Fitness is one of the most gracious when it comes to refunds, whereas companies like Planet Fitness and Equinox are very stingy about the issue.

If you signed up less than 3 days ago, you can cancel and request a refund from your local gym, no questions asked. If you live in California or Hawaii, this period is extended to 5 days.

If it’s been longer than the 3-day period since you signed up, you can still cancel, but you likely won’t get a refund unless one of these scenarios tools place:

  • You were charged for a billing term after canceling
  • You got charged twice for one billing term
  • 24 Hour Fitness stepped out of line in its own guidelines

How To Cancel Your 24 Hour Fitness Membership

There are multiple ways you can contact 24 Hour Fitness to cancel your membership. They are as follows:

Online Form
Web Account
MailCancel 24 Hour Fitness P.O. Box 787 Carlsbad, CA 92018

Each method allows members to cancel refunds, but to guarantee a refund within the time you may still have available, avoid using the mail method, as it will take multiple days for your cancellation letter to reach your gym.

Canceling Your 24 Hour Fitness Membership Online

Some customers just hate having to deal with customer support, so 24 Hour Fitness provides an easy way to cancel your subscription right on the website. To cancel online, here’s what you should do:

  • Log into the 24 Hour Fitness website.
  • Click on “Account Management” once logged in.
  • Scroll down to the “Cancel” link.
  • Enter your birthdate and membership ID.
  • Click on “Proceed” to confirm.

It’s an easy process and expect an email from 24 Hour Fitness to appear in your inbox that outlines what the next steps are.’s 4-Step Refund Process

Did 24 Hour Fitness decline your refund request despite making the deadline? Let lead the way! We can contact your bank and they can decide what to do about your gym membership. If approved, your refunds will go back into your credit card or bank account. has a fast and simple process:

  1. You sign up for an account on our website or mobile app.
  2. You tell us your experience with 24 Hour Fitness and why they stepped out of line.
  3. We write up a professional letter and include a special reason code to make your refund possible.
  4. Your bank will review your letter and make a decision on your case.

Once you have your letter submitted, there’s not anything else you have to do! 24 Hour Fitness won’t be involved in communicating with your bank, nor will they interrupt the chargeback if you get approved.

Can I Still Use My 24 Hour Fitness Membership After Canceling?

If you cancel your 24 Hour Fitness membership, you can still use it until the end of the current billing term. This means you’re free to still visit the gym, work out, and attend classes as normal. Canceling your membership actually means that you no longer agree to pay for the 24 Hour membership membership any further. If you’ve received a refund for the current billing term, however, you’re not permitted to work out and attend classes at the gym, as you’ve been given back the compensation in exchange for giving up the membership.

Does 24 Hour Fitness Have A Free Trial?

24 Hour Fitness offers a free trial for non-members. As stated on the company website, non-members can sign up for a trial pass that’s good for 3 days at the location of their choosing.

You’ll need an email address and phone number to obtain your pass, and a photo ID to be cleared to work out at the location. You must be over 18 years old to visit the gym or be at least 12 and accompanied by a parent.

How Many Free Trials Can I Get At 24 Hour Fitness?

After you use your first 24 Hour Fitness free trial, you can’t get another pass for another 6 months. Since your gym will have your photo ID on file, you simply can’t cheat the system by using a different email address or phone number. You also must not have been a guest of another member during this period. For instance, if you were invited by a friend to work out at a 24 Hour Fitness gym 2 months ago, you have 4 more months to become eligible for a free trial.

Rundown of 24 Hour Fitness Membership

24 Hour Fitness has multiple membership tiers, including Silver, Silver+, Gold, and Platinum. If you’re looking to switch to a new franchise gym entirely, perhaps another membership tier from 24 Hour Fitness can entice you to stay.

  • Silver - Basic membership that grants access to weight rooms, cardio rooms, and locker rooms. This plan starts at $10 per month.
  • Silver+ - Basic membership that grants additional access to exercise classes for free, saunas, pools, sports courts, and the 24GOⓇ fitness mobile app.
  • Gold - Premium membership that grants access to any 24 Hour Fitness gym location.
  • Platinum - VIP membership that grant additional access to the 24GOⓇ premium app, GX20Ⓡ Digital Classes, and you can also bring up to 2 guests with each visit to the gym for free.

These memberships are considered price tiers. So if you sign up for the Platinum membership, you’ll get Platinum features, plus every feature listed in the Gold, Silver+, and Silver tiers.

Can I Get A Refund For A 24 Hour Fitness Membership I Bought At Costco?

If you’ve purchased a 24 Hour Fitness 2-year membership from Costco, but haven’t gotten to activating it, the membership is no longer valid.

24 Hour Fitness no longer accepts memberships purchased at Costco. Return the membership to Costco for a full refund. There is no known grace period for invalid gym memberships. Picks Up Where Corporations Leave Off

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Email 24 Hour Fitness For A Refund?

24 Hour Fitness has a customer service email on file. Write to for assistance on account help or other inquiries. It will always be easier to contact your local gym for refund assistance, but it doesn’t always hurt to write to this address if your gym refuses to give you a refund.

What’s The Best Time To Call 24 Hour Fitness Customer Service?

24 Hour Fitness customer service is available 24 hours a day. The best time to call customer service is in the early morning, as most people around this time are at work or school. Peak customer service hours are during the afternoon and evening, so you’ll have to wait much longer if you call during these times.

Can I Freeze My 24 Hour Fitness Membership?

24 Hour Fitness allows members to freeze memberships, so long as they are in good standing and have made each payment up to this point. You must give your gym 10 days' notice so you can skip paying for the following month. For more details, visit the Member Policies page.

Why Did I Get Charged More Than $10 For 24 Hour Fitness?

With each new member, 24 Hour Fitness charges a registration fee and an annual fee, these fees vary by your membership tier and location. This means when you start, you’ll pay much more than $10. Thus, this isn’t an instance of the gym paying you in error or extorting money from your bank account.

What Other Gyms Aside From 24 Hour Fitness Offer $10 Monthly Services?

Some fitness gym competitors that offer monthly subscriptions at $10 or less include YouFit, Planet Fitness, Crunch Fitness, and Chuze Fitness. Keep in mind that these gyms will often have registration and annual fees like 24 Hour Fitness.