How To Get A Refund From BetterHelp

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The Easiest Way To Get A Full Refund From BetterHelp

Founded in 2013, BetterHelp is a telehealth company that provides online counseling and mental health services to patients on a subscription plan. BetterHelp is the world’s largest platform of its kind, with 2.5 million customers and over 30,000 licensed therapists.

But has a therapist really made you regret your decision to subscribe to BetterHelp? You’re likely wondering how you might be able to get your money back after an underwhelming experience. Let show you everything there is to know about BetterHelp refunds.

Can You Get A BetterHelp Refund?

According to a BetterHelp Customer Service blog post, refunds are possible, but they’re only granted on a case-by-case basis. Those who would like a refund are encouraged to contact BetterHelp customer service, and refunds will be granted when you meet the criteria for one.

And at that, a full refund is not a guarantee, either. The company can decide to give you a partial refund if it feels you don’t meet the criteria for a full refund.

Reasons To Get A BetterHelp Refund

There are many reasons in which BetterHelp patients ask for refunds. If you’re on the fence whether you want to leave or stay with BetterHelp, here are some explanations why users aren’t happy with the service:

  • The service is too expensive.
  • The user doesn’t like his or her counselor.
  • There’s little to no progress every session.
  • The user found help outside of BetterHelp.
  • The user no longer needs BetterHelp.

How Hard Is It To Get A BetterHelp Refund?

The company makes the refund process long and drawn out on purpose. Usually, BetterHelp will recommend you switching to a different therapist if you’re not satisfied with the one you were assigned with. At one point, the company tried to discourage users from canceling by labeling the button to deactivate their accounts as “Quit Therapy”.

Here’s how this refund process typically goes:

  • You contact BetterHelp customer service and ask for a refund.
  • BetterHelp’s representative asks you to change your counselor.
  • You persist with your refund request.
  • Your representative will instruct you to call their phone number.
  • Your phone representative will ask for your information.
  • BetterHelp will get in touch with your bank.
  • Your bank will ask you why you want a refund.
  • Your refund will be granted by the bank.

Like JustAnswer, BetterHelp is very stingy with its refund policy. The company hopes that you easily give up on getting a refund so that they continue to grow and make money.

BetterHelp Counselor Pay Explained

When BetterHelp issues a refund, it loses money. If they make it easy to get a refund, many patients would do so and it would be very difficult to pay all their counselors on the platform.

According to, counselors are paid on an engagement-based model. This model allows counselors to work they want rather than work a 9-to-5 salary. Counselors can opt to work full time on BetterHelp or work a more limited schedule depending on their commitments elsewhere. Counselors on BetterHelp get paid for each session they conduct with a patient. With this model, the company relies on the patients’ fees to pay the counselors. And with over 30,000 counselors, that’s billions of dollars going around from millions of patients. It’s more understandable when you realize that the company is responsible for refunds and the counselors aren’t. So when a refund does take place, the company would need to recoup the loss if it doesn’t deduct the payment from the counselor’s wages. BetterHelp states that the average therapist makes around $8,500 per month.’s 5-Step Refund Process

Can’t wait to get your money back from BetterHelp? We at can help arrange a chargeback much sooner! We help build a strong case so your bank will reimburse you without getting Grubhub involved in any way.

Here’s our simple 5-step process for refunds:

  1. Sign up for your account using your web browser or our mobile app.
  2. Explain what happened with BetterHelp and why you feel you deserve a refund.
  3. Submit your details and our AI bot will write up a professional letter for your bank.
  4. Review the reason or chargeback code we’ll use to associate your case with a legitimate refund your bank’s aware of.
  5. Wait until your bank reads and reviews your case for a decision.

While banks can decide to deny your case, we help increase the odds of getting refunded for each customer that registers with us! If you do get a refund, you should get notified in your email inbox stating it will take up to 5 business days.

How To Contact BetterHelp

BetterHelp has 4 primary ways of reaching out to its customer service team. These methods are as follows.

  1. Phone - Call BetterHelp at (888) 688-9296.
  2. Email - Write to BetterHelp at
  3. Contact Form - Leave BetterHelp a message at
  4. Snail Mail - Write to BetterHelp at BetterHelp, 990 Villa Street, Mountain View, CA 94041.

Of all the ways to reach out to customer service, the phone number is the best way to go if you want a problem solved as soon as possible. Though if you’re asking for a refund, the company may follow up on your case with emails. If you don’t have time right now to wait on the phone, leave an email or message instead.

BetterHelp Alternatives To Consider

If BetterHelp isn’t up your alley, you can turn to another online counseling site that might have therapists who might be on the same page as you.

GingerMental HealthFree
AmWellAny$59 or $99 per session
CalmerryAny$50 per week
iCounselingAny$60 or $80 per week
TalkspaceAny$65 per week
Online-Therapy.comMental Health$40 per week
7 CupsAny$150 per month
Pride CounselingLGBT$260 per month
ReGainCouples Counseling$260 per month
CerebralMental Health$295 per month
Brightside HealthMental Health$299 per month

Some advantages to look for in these services include discounts off your first month, the ability to choose your therapist, and compatibility with your insurance plan.

How Long Do BetterHelp Refunds Typically Take?

If you’re approved for a BetterHelp refund, it should take up to 10 business days for your funds to return to your original payment method. Even if it takes up to a month for BetterHelp to decide to give you a refund, you have to wait a little longer to get your money back.

Can I Get A Refund If I Accidentally Renew My Subscription?

While you can contact BetterHelp for any reason to refund, they may not grant you a refund if you forget to cancel your subscription or disable auto-renew on your account.

Some companies such as OKCupid will forgive users for forgetting to cancel before the next billing cycle, but BetterHelp is not so forgiving. However, you can make your case to BetterHelp by explaining that you’ve been fully satisfied with your life and no longer need its services. Your Money Back, Now

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Cancel BetterHelp?

To cancel your BetterHelp account, click on “My Account”, then “Payment Settings”, followed by “Cancel Membership”. This procedure keeps your subscription from continuing and no payments should be made moving forward.

If you wish to deactivate your account, you can click on “My Account”, then “Personal Information”, and finally “Request Erasure”.

Does BetterHelp Offer A Free Trial?

BetterHelp has a free trial that lasts for 7 days. You’ll need your credit card number to get the free trial. When the trial period expires, you’ll be automatically charged for a weekly subscription unless you cancel your free trial beforehand.

Can I Choose My BetterHelp Therapist?

BetterHelp doesn’t allow patients to choose their therapists on the platform. This is due to a number of factors including each therapist’s availability and workload. Betterhelp uses AI to find the best match among customers and available counselors. If you’re unhappy with your therapist, you can ask BetterHelp customer support to switch therapists, but once again, you can’t hand-pick your therapist.

Is BetterHelp A Reputable Business?

BetterHelp has received an A- grade from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). After 569 user reviews, the company has an average of 4.1 out of 5 stars. The most acclaimed reviews cite the helpfulness of their therapists and the smaller costs compared to independent psychiatrists. The most critical reviews cite money and payment issues and still being required to pay even if the customer doesn’t see his or her therapist.

Does BetterHelp Prescribe Medication?

A majority of BetterHelp professionals are not doctors or physicians, so they are not legally allowed to prescribe medication to patients. A BetterHelp professional revealed that no expert is allowed to prescribe medicine, even if they’re qualified to, since each professional’s title is a counselor.