How To Get A Refund From Chipotle

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The No.1 Hack To Get Money Back From Chipotle

Founded in 1993, Chipotle has become a global fast-food alternative to burger and sandwich restaurants. There are over 3,000 locations in the United States, making its presence known with custom-made burritos and tacos.

But if you’re unsatisfied with your purchase or need to cancel an online order for whatever reason, makes sure you know what your options are. Read onwards to find out how you can get a refund from meals, deliveries, and more!

Does Chipotle Allow Refunds?

Chipotle does allow refunds, but it’s not a clear-cut thing they establish on their website. If you’re not happy with your order in the store, you can ask to speak with the store’s manager and tell him or her why you’d like a refund. More often than not, they’ll gladly oblige to give you your money back.

When it comes to online orders and deliveries, you can go back to the location where your order came from, but Chipotle suggests contacting their customer service department as they feel it's more convenient to customers at home or on the go.

Reasons To Ask For A Chipotle Refund

There are many viable reasons Chipotle customers ask for refunds, and they all seem like good reasons for a Chipotle manager or customer service agent to grant you a refund. Some are as follows:

  • You’re unhappy with your order’s temperature or how it tastes
  • You got the wrong order or were cooked up the wrong food item
  • Your delivery did not arrive or is late
  • Your online order wasn’t made or is late
  • You’ve changed your mind on ordering from Chipotle at this time
  • Something happened on your end in which you’re not available to pick up your online order
  • Something happened on your end in which you’re not available to be at your delivery address
  • Chipotle staff wasn’t friendly to you

Can I Cancel A Chipotle Online Order?

According to Chipotle’s Contact Us page, it’s hard to cancel orders after they’ve been cooked up. Chipotle suggests that if you really have a problem to contact their Customer Support team. This is a very trivial thing for Chipotle to not have, as Moe’s and Qdoba allow customers who order online to cancel without any trouble if they can’t pick up their order.

Return Order Money Back To You With

If Chipotle refuses to budge, you can still get your money back with! Here’s how works to put money from your Chipotle order back in your bank account:

  • Tell us your story! Explain to us what happened with Chipotle and why you feel you deserve a refund.
  • We use professional AI technology to turn your feedback into a formal letter.
  • For fast service and better chances of a refund, we append the most suitable chargeback code.
  • We mail the letter to your bank who will review your case and the included chargeback code.

That’s all there is to it! If your bank grants you a refund, they will let you know with an SMS text or email. Refund times vary by bank, but you should expect your funds to make your account in 3 to 5 business days.

Chipotle Competition To Try Next

There are many alternatives to Chipotle you can try, and you may happen to find a few of these places around your area. Each offers tacos, burritos, burrito bowls, loaded nachos, and other items. Most locations also offer catering if you’re looking to feed a group of people for events and special occasions.

RestaurantSignature DishNumber of Locations
Taco BellChalupa Supreme Tacos7,877
QdobaImpossible™ Fajita Bowl755
Moe’sHomewrecker Burrito628
Del TacoEpic Loaded Queso Burrito595
Rubio’s Coastal GrillOriginal Fish Taco Plate153
Baja FreshBurrito Ultimo81
PancherosQuesadillasOver 70
Freebirds World BurritoThe Big Steak Burrito55 (All in Texas)

How Do I Ask For A Chipotle Refund Online?

If you opt to contact Chipotle’s customer service, it’s more streamlined than many would expect. Here’s how to send a message to Chipotle regarding a disappointing visit:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on “Contact Support” on the right side of the screen.
  3. Click on the brown “Tell us about it” button.
  4. Click on “In Restaurant Order Issue Or Experience”.
  5. Choose the option that most relates to your experience.
  6. Enter the location, date, time, and order number.
  7. Explain what went wrong in the text box.
  8. If possible, also upload an image that adds credence to your claims.
  9. Click on “Next” to confirm your message.

Chipotle should get back to you through email to apologize about the experience. They may offer you a refund, or they might suggest another means of restitution such as a free gift card.

Do I Have To Return The Chipotle Food?

If you ordered in-store, returning the food is customary so that the staff know you didn’t enjoy your order.

If you ordered online or via delivery, returning the food isn’t necessary. If there was a specific and serious problem with the food, Chipotle may request that you return the order so they can examine it.

About Chipotle's Delivery Problems

If you ordered with a third-party delivery partner, Chipotle suggests contacting the partner you used to order the food. Chipotle's deliver partners include:

  • Postmates
  • GrubHub
  • UberEats
  • DoorDash

If your order was late or didn't arrive, the responsibility will lie on the driver or another entity that delayed the delivery. If the order arrived on time, but the food in question is cold or uncooked or it's the wrong order or something is missing, you'll have to contact Chipotle, as these delivery partners weren't involved with the making of your meal.

How Do I Call Or Chat With Chipotle?

Chipotle’s customer service phone number is 1 (800) 244-7685. The company doesn’t specify their service hours, which likely means they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To chat with Chipotle, there are two ways to do so. You can visit and click on “Contact Support” to see where you can chat with “Pepper”, the company’s virtual assistant. You can use Pepper to ask for a human representative. Alternatively, you can use Google to chat with Pepper by Googling “Chipotle Customer Service” and clicking on the “Chat” button. Pepper works and responds just the same as on the Chipotle website.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Chipotle and Chipotle Goods Have Different Refund Policies?

Chipotle Goods is an online retail store that sells Chipotle apparel and gifts, such as shirts that feature Chipotle’s logo. If you need to return Chipotle merchandise, you can visit for how to start a return.

Can I Get A Refund For Chipotle Gift Cards?

The only way you can get a refund on a Chipotle gift card is if you return it to the same store that you bought it from. If the gift card was redeemed, it can’t be returned. If you bought the gift card from another store, refer to that store's refund policy on gift cards.

Can I Return A Chipotle eGift Card?

Chipotle eGift cards are digital gift cards that you receive via email. These cards come in the form of codes and cannot be returned or refunded due to their digital nature.

Does Chipotle Charge You For Canceling An Order?

If you cancel the order before your store has a chance to make it, the order can be canceled and no fee will occur. If you decide to cancel later on in the order process, you won’t get charged for the order but you’ll still pay a fee.

Can I Ask For A Chipotle Refund Via Email?

While Chipotle currently doesn’t show any email addresses on their website, one known email customers have used in the past is If you prefer to email Chipotle your refund inquiry, sending a message to this address is worth a shot.